Top 10 Anniversary Cake Ideas to Surprise Your Husband

Your anniversary is around the corner, and like the most wives, you have planned everything to finesse. From the decor to the menu to the guest list; everything is planned to perfection except the cake. You are still unsure about the wedding anniversary cake ideas because there is so much yumminess out there in the world.

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We are here to help you because we want your anniversary party to be the best of all.

Preferred Anniversary Cake Ideas for Husband :

1. Heart-shaped red velvet cake:

Heart-shaped red velvet cake

Nothing speaks of love than hearts and red-velvet. A heart-shaped red velvet cake with ermine icing on the inside is a delicious way to wish Happy Anniversary to your husband.

2. Delicious Swirls Cake:

Delicious Swirls Cake

You and your husband probably didn’t know that cakes can be this pretty until your eyes got laid on this one. A strawberry flavoured cake frosted in melting buttercream white swirls and pink roses. A pretty and yummy way to say “I Love You Berry Much.”

3. Red Velvet Little Heart Cake:

Red Velvet Little Heart Cake

Red velvet is truly the flavour of love. Bringing before you another love baked cake for surprising your husband on anniversary. With soft and gooey red velvet layers inside and little fondant hearts on the top; this is the cake for Happy Anniversary celebrations.

4. Chocolate Kit kat Cake:

Chocolate Kit kat Cake

Chocolate flavour is the universal anniversary choice. You can never go wrong with a chocolate cake for surprising your dearest hubby. Here is a sinful indulgence for him because he likes it dark and crunchy. A moist chocolate cake with Kitkat bars on the top.

5. Photo Cake:

Photo Cake

Your anniversary is a milestone to remember the sweet memories you have created with your husband. Making him relish one of those is the sweetest way you can spend your anniversary. Make this happen with a photo anniversary cake.

6. Best Husband Poster Cake:

Best Husband Poster Cake

Of all the days that you have chosen to express your feelings, the anniversary is the best one. Express your heart and let him know you feel blessed to have him over an edible poster cake with chocolate flakes on all the four sides.

7. Half-Pound of Happiness:

Half-Pound of Happiness

Six-month celebration of togetherness is differently special for the couples. If you want to honour six months of being in love while making way for the year, do it sweetly with semi-circle shaped cake covered in pink cream roses and sprinkled with silver balls.

8. Red Rose Cake:

Red Rose Cake

Just like you love him, this cake is irresistible. Baked with love, frosted with red velvet icing, and adorned with red fondant roses; this cake presents you with a delicious way of making love and romance to your husband.

9. Rose Pearl Cake:

Rose Pearl Cake

A blush-pink cake with bloomed roses and edible pearls; sweep the anniversary table with this cake and you have got the recipe to make him blush with your love and romance.

10. Heart-Shaped Rosette Cake:

Heart-Shaped Rosette Cake

Love is all about roses and hearts, therefore, a heart-shaped cake with buttercream red and white roses all over the cake. Every inch is covered in roses so that he gets the taste of love in every bite. Surprise your husband with delicious love with these cakes on your anniversary. For more cake ideas, do browse the website.