Top 10 Best Anniversary Songs for Couples

Anniversaries are often a once-in-a-year occasion, and all couples celebrate their anniversaries with the utmost vigour. Music adds more to love, so it is important for a couple to be ready with a list of anniversary songs before the day arrives so that they can have a perfect celebration. It goes without saying that there is a lot of romance in anniversary celebrations. So, beautiful songs are a big part of anniversaries. Most people love to have a backdrop of their favorite songs during their anniversary celebration. However, it can sometimes be confusing to select some songs. This is why we decided to come to your saviour with our list of ten best anniversary songs for couples.

Top 10 Best Anniversary Songs for Couples

Popular Wedding Anniversary Songs of Bollywood

Anniversary Songs Playlist Lyrics Snippet
Pehla Nasha Pehla nasha, pehla khumar Naya pyaar hai naya intezar Kar loon main kya apna haal Aye dil-e-bekaraar Mere dil-e-bekaraar Tu hi bata... mm.
Mere Sohneya Jaavi Chhod Ke Na Tere Naal Rehna Ve Tu Singaar Mera Tu Hai Maahi Gehna Ve Jaavi Chhod Ke Na Tere Naal Rehna Ve Tu Singaar Mera Tu Hai Maahi Gehna Ve
Mast Magan Man mast magan, Man mast magan Bas tera naam dohraye Man mast magan, Man mast magan Bas tera naam dohraye Chahe bhi to bhool na paaye
Tum Jo Aaye Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke Dekhti hoon ab kayee Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Jeena Jeena Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
Tere Sang Yaara Tere sang yaara Khush rang bahara Tu raat deewani Main zard sitaara O karam khudaya hai Tujhe mujhse milaya hai Tujhpe marke hi toh Mujhe jeena aaya hai
Ishq Sufiyana Mere Dil Ko Tu Jaan Se Juda Kar De Yun Bas Tu Mujhko Fanaa Kar De Mera Haal Tu, Meri Chaal Tu Bas Kar Aashiqana Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana Mera Ishq Sufiyana Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Ye Tune Kya Kiya Main dil ka raaz kehta hoon Ke jab jab saansein leta hoon Tera hi naam leta hoon Ye tune kya kiya
Jashan-e-Bahaara Kehne ko jashan-e-bahara hai Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulsan mein Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein
Uff Teri Adaa Kehne ko jashan-e-bahara hai Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulsan mein Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein
Chaleya Tere Saare Rang Odh Ke Dhang Odh Ke Tera Hua Main Sabko Chhod Ke Ho Ho Ho Ishq Ni Karna Naap Tol Ke Raaj Khol Ke Aaya Hoon Main Sabko Bol Ke Ho Oh Main Taan Chaleya Teri Oar Tera Chaleya Hai Zor Tera Hoya Main Yaar Ve Bhuleya Ae Sansaar Ve
Sarkaare Ho Na Ja Sarkaare Dekh Toh Yahan Re Pyar Ke Hain Maare Jaise Toote Taare Hain Bechare Kayi Saare Kayi Saare
Chal Tere Ishq Mein TPhir se ek baar ujad jaate hain Phir se ek baar ujad jaate hain Chal tere ishq mein pad jaate hain Chal tere ishq mein pad jaate hain
Rabba Janda Hmm.. Ke Rabba Janda Rabba Janda Tainu Kitni Mohabbata Dil Karda Ke Rabba Janda Rabba Janda Tainu Kitni Mohabbata Dil Karda
Hum Toh Deewane Nain Tumko Chune ...Bas Baat Dil Ki Sune Duniya Ko Bhool Kar...Tere Hi Khwaab Bune Tujhmein Aur Khuda Mein.. Koyi Fark Na Jaane Hum Toh Deewane Deewane Tere Deewane Hain Deewane

Pehla Nasha

This beautiful melody from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is sure to leave us all daydreaming about the beautiful day we fell in love with our partner. It deserves to be played at all anniversaries because it has that old golden charm. You want every year of marriage to be like the first one, so Pehla Nasha is the best song for the anniversary celebration.

Mere Sohneya

While all songs from the movie Kabir Singh were amazing and became popular, Mere Sohneya didn't get the fame it deserved, but it really deserves to be on the list of anniversary songs. When played on your anniversary, it is sure to remind you of your wedding day.

Mast Magan

The movie Two States' is abundant with fun romantic songs, but Mast Magan is one of those beautiful compositions that will leave you humming even after the party ends. You can still check out the movie's album to pick your favourite romantic songs for an anniversary.

Tum Jo Aaye

The lyrics of this song are sure to let your partner know how eternally grateful you are for their presence in your life. It is yet another very sweet song. Expressing the changes in one's life when true love enters, 'Tum Jo Aaye' is a masterpiece anniversary song for a couple.

Jeena Jeena

We are all aware of the sentimental magic that Atif Aslam can weave with his voice. That's what he exactly does in this song from Badlapur. If 'happy anniversary songs for couples' is a topic to explore, 'Jeena Jeena' is Bollywood's melody to not miss out.

Tere Sang Yaara

For the sake of a song that leaves you smiling in the end, Tere Sang Yara from Rustom is pretty good. The music is simply lovely. 'Tere Sang Yaara' is penned by Manoj Muntashir and sung by Atif Aslam.

Ishq Sufiyana

A true Sufi song with romantic connotations is going to leave your anniversary party only beautified. Try to make eye contact with your partner as this song plays in the background. The song is thoughtfully penned by Rajat Arora.

Ye Tune Kya Kiya

Every single line from this amazing song is going to leave you mesmerized. The lyrics are beautiful, and so is the song. The voice that makes you feel love is of Javed Bashir, and the lyrics are penned by lyricist Rajat Arora.


There are some romantic anniversary songs that have some sort of divinity to them. This song is one of those. In the refined voice of Javed Ali, it is a true masterpiece. For those who will be celebrating their first anniversary, this one can be a pick from old songs for a couple's anniversary.

Uff Teri Adaa

If you are in the mood to shake a leg with your darling at your anniversary party, this song is just perfect for you. 'Uff Teri Adaa' is the best anniversary romantic song for husbands to kiss the hearts of their wives one more time.


An enchanting track that weaves love and nostalgia, Chaleya is one of the latest anniversary songs to play during an anniversary celebration. Its soulful rhythm and poignant lyrics are bound to resonate with couples, creating a timeless ambience.

Zihaal 3 Miskin

Draped in melodies that tug at the heartstrings, Zihaal 3 Miskin is a beautiful ode to love. Perfect for couples looking to bring a traditional twist to their anniversary, this song paints a vivid picture of romance and passion.


Sarkaare offers a more upbeat tempo, ideal for couples who would love to groove on pop anniversary songs. Its catchy lyrics and vibrant beats will surely make everyone tap their feet.

Chal Tere Ishq Mein

Love knows no bounds, and Chal Tere Ishq Mein is a testament to that. This song beautifully encapsulates the journey of love, making it a must-add to any happy anniversary song playlist.

Rabba Janda

A melody steeped in emotion and depth, Rabba Janda strikes a chord with its heartwarming lyrics. As a choice for an anniversary song, it embodies the feelings of gratitude and joy that come with being with your loved one.

Hum Toh Deewane

Love has the power to make us all a bit crazy, and Hum Toh Deewane encapsulates this sentiment perfectly. Its energetic beats and catchy lyrics are a delightful addition to any celebratory playlist.

These are all the songs that we had to suggest for your anniversary playlist. They are the right amount of romantic and the right amount of groovy. So, play these anniversary songs in a queue and woo your partner. With perfect decor, soothing ambience, heart-winning anniversary gifts, and something sweet to enjoy, these songs for the anniversary will create moments for a lifetime.