5 Different Types of Money Plants that Bring Wealth to Home

Money plant is an evergreen plant that brings money and good luck to the home. They need minimal care, and they thrive well. Money plants are also known as ‘plants that attract money.’ Well, plants that bring wealth and prosperity are liked by all and also, if you do not need to take care much then people love to adorn them to their home. But there is a lot of confusion regarding money plants that bring money and good luck. To solve this confusion, we are here to help you. This time as you look for a money plant online in India, you would be able to choose the right one. This blog is specially curated to enlighten you about the five different types of money plants that bring wealth and prosperity. Apart from bringing good fortune, the money plant acts as an air purifier at home. It removes toxins and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and toluene from our surroundings allowing us to breathe fresh air. So, today, let’s have a look at the five different money plants.

plants that attract money

1. Jade Plant

The botanical name of the lucky Jade plant is Crassula Ovata. Jade plant attracts money as well as purifies indoor air. It is a beautiful money plant with round, coin-shaped leaves. According to Feng Shui, this plant brings good fortune, wealth, prosperity and happiness to the home. This plant is known for its longevity as it can stay alive for 100 years, and also, it is a succulent plant. Water this plant when the topsoil is dry and do not overwater it else it will cause root rot. Water frequently during the growing season and see it thriving well.

plants that attract money

2. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant’s botanical name is Pilea Peperomioides. The other names that this plant has are mirror plant, UFO plant, bender plant, pancake plant, and missionary plant. This plant is believed to attract money and good fortune. This is a great decorative plant that brings wealth and prosperity. Apart from that, taking care of this plant is quite accessible. Place it in bright, indirect sunlight and well-drained soil. This plant can tolerate down temperatures. So, add this beautiful plant to your home and elevate your interiors with it.

plants that attract money

3. Pothos

Pothos, also known as Epipremnum Aureum, is one of the fastest-growing money plants that you should definitely have at home. The appearance of this plant is extraordinary and lovely. Pothos is the plant that brings money and good luck to the home. It is an easy to care houseplant that needs bright, low, indirect sunlight. Let the soil dry between watering. This plant is well known for its sharp green streak leaves, and therefore, this will beautify your interiors. Bring good fortune with pothos and enjoy their appearance around you.

plants that attract money

4. Money Tree

Money Tree is also known as Pachira Aquatica, Malabar Chestnut, and Saba Nut is another money plant that brings money and good luck to the home it is kept. This plant is not only believed to bring good fortune but is an easy to maintain plant that removes harmful chemicals from the air, and it grows faster. This plant belongs to Central and South America. Its green shiny leaves are considered very lucky. So, go for this plant. It is one of the Feng Shui plants for wealth that you need at your place.

plants that attract money

5. Swiss Cheese Money Plant

The botanical name of this plant is Monstera Obliqua. According to Feng Shui experts, this is the plant that brings wealth and prosperity. It also attracts good energy to the home. The Swiss cheese money plant is famous because of its variegated, big, glossy leaves that add a unique touch to the home. You can grow this plant both outdoors and indoors. Just remember, this plant needs bright, indirect sunlight to thrive well. So, add this plant that attracts money to your home and feel the positive vibes that it releases.

plants that attract money

Final Thoughts

These are the five Feng Shui plants for wealth that you should have at home. We hope we were able to clear the air about the five money plants that bring money and good luck to the home. We understand every human wants to welcome good fortune and wealth to their home, and therefore, they add money plants but, now, you need not ask which because the answer is before you. So, buy money plants online from a plant nursery in India, FlowerAura. We will be happy to spread happiness with our greener quotient.