Top 10 Flowers That Symbolise Peace

We all are aware of the fact that different flowers tend to symbolise different meanings. Each flower conveys a particular emotion and sense. The colour of the flower sometimes plays a vital role in bringing feeling and purpose. Some flowers symbolise love, refusal, innocence, good luck and much more. However, certain types of flowers represent peace and tranquillity.

Top 10 Flowers That Symbolise Peace

These peaceful flowers are widely recognized and loved by all, with their mesmerizing looks, soothing fragrance and peaceful aura they are enough to win thousands of hearts with one glance. Flowers that symbolize peace are spread around the globe and can be often seen in different events, playing their ultimate role. You must have noticed that at international summits and meetings when the representatives of different states and organizations meet, they offer each other or welcome their guests with a certain type of flowers, they are often light in colour, preferably white and are arranged in a very sublet bouquet, those are the flowers that represent peace and their symbolization works remarkably.

Here we will have a look at the top 10 flowers that symbolise peace.

1. Lavender:

Number one on the list is the mesmerising lavender which is the ultimate peace flower. It has different hues of shades like blue, white, pink and purple. These flowers tend to bring peace and accord. The pretty flowers also symbolise serenity and strength along with ease. Lavender is a perfect flower for peace that you can send to your loved one or to someone with whom you wish to mend your relations.


2. Apple Blossoms:

Like the example of delightful apples, the apple blossoms tend to bloom entirely in the spring season with shades like white and pink. These lustrous flowers symbolise fruitfulness and peace.

Apple Blossoms

3. Violets:

Next one in the category are violet flowers. They are honoured as the pure representation of peace, healing and tranquillity. According to culture in Rome, these flowers are believed to bring peace in the afterlives of the ones who are no more. These majestic flowers stream tranquil vibes into the surroundings.


4. Lotus Flower:

The majestic lotus flowers are highly glorified in varying parts of the world. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is considered to be a pure representation of internal peace and calmness.

Lotus Flower

5. Peace Lilies:

This flower can be broadly discovered in every family and is not tough to take care of. The delightful flower finds harmony in its name and nature and is likewise viewed as an illustration of peace attributable to its dense likeness to the pure white flag. According to Christian conviction, the flowers have accomplished importance recognised with eternity and remain an indication of harmony and thriving. You can buy lilies online to convey calm and peaceful vibes to near and dear ones.

Peace Lilies

6. The cosmo flower:

Cosmo means the reverse of ‘chaos’. These flowers are chiefly considered to be the representation of dignity and peace. Partners usually exchange these flowers as a romantic gesture too. It depicts their togetherness and love.

The cosmo flower

7. White Poppies:

The huge striking flowers of white poppies are immensely famous for their stunning looks and the undeniable medicinal properties they carry. However, the different hues of poppies tend to have other symbols and meanings. The white poppies actively symbolize peacefulness and calmness.

White Poppies

8. Pincushion flower:

The pincushion flowers are stunning, which represents power and peace. The eye-catching appearance of these flowers is usually seen in beautiful bouquets. Extend pincushion flowers to a loved one to stream peaceful vibes.

Pincushion flower

9. Peony:

The Peony flower is noted as highly famous and culturally meaningful in different places around the world. This particular blossom is intimately connected with immense peace and prosperity. As one of the most popular flowers that mean peace, Peony is widely known for the fascinating aroma that is sure to put everyone in a better mood and help people calm down.


10. Christmas Rose:

The Christmas roses are a valid symbol of Jesus and Mary. It symbolises virtue and peace. These flowers are also engraved into wooden confessionals, which comprise five petals.

Christmas Rose

So, we have discussed the ten flowers that symbolise peace and contentment. You can send a flower of peace to soothe a loved one’s mind instantly. Flowers meaning peace are the flowers that comes in one’s mind whenever we think about calming environments. Your indoors must be a place where you can relax with a calm and peaceful mind and these flowers can surely help you achieve that, so this time whenever you feel a little anxious, get yourself a pretty arrangement of peaceful flowers!