Top 10 I Love You Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

“ I Love You” is one of the most romantic 3 letter words that carry along baggage of emotions and feelings when it comes to admitting your love for your partner. However, these words are not easy to say especially when you really love someone and want to confess your love but do not know-how. Well, confessing love for your partner by only telling them your feelings might not be enough and to make it feel more genuine and real, there are a wide range of gifts that you can choose if you feel that words are not enough to express what you feel for them. Today, we have brought to you a list of cute and adorable ‘I love you’ gift ideas that you can give to your partner if you are planning to propose to them. These gifts will not only add a spark to your relationship but also make it stronger and beautiful. Go through each of these gift ideas and pick the best to propose your love to your partner in the most amazing and memorable way.

Top 10 I Love You Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Teddy Bear

If you are planning to confess your love for your girl, saying it with a cute ‘I Love You’ teddy bear might just be the perfect way. There are a lot of cute and adorable teddy bears available online and you can choose from a lovely red coloured teddy bear, a cute pink soft toy, or anything that you think your girl will surely love.

I Love You Teddy Bear for Girlfriend


Personalised cushions are a great way to express your feelings to your partner and will make your proposal sound more convincing. You can customize the cushion with these three magical words and also get a beautiful picture of yours printed on it that will make it look more adorable and lovely.

I Love You Personalised cushions for Girlfriend

Greeting Card

Greeting cards are one of the best and easiest ways to express love and therefore you can choose from a variety of ‘ I love you’ greeting cards that will surely make your partner fall in love in an instant. You can pair this with a sweet treat like cake and cupcake and add a little sweetness to this beautiful day of your life.

I Love You Greeting Card for Girlfriend

Chocolate Assortment

Everyone loves chocolates and therefore an ‘I love you’ chocolate assortment seems to be the perfect choice for a special day like this. Personalised chocolates with beautiful ‘I love you’ quotes and messages are also available these days wherein you can also get your chocolate personalised with beautiful messages and quotes, adding a charm to your proposal.

Chocolate Assortment for Girlfriend


If you are looking for something that not only expresses your feelings but also proves to be of utility to your partner, a personalized ‘ I love you’ mug that they can even use in their daily life and that will surely remind them of you everytime they look at it.

I Love You Pesonalised Mug for Girlfriend

Plant With Planter

If your partner loves to be surrounded by greenery, you can give them a beautiful plant with an ‘ I love you’ planter that will look both adorable and amazing. An evergreen token of your love, they can keep the plants in their room and will definitely love this thoughtful gesture.

I Love You Plant With Planter


A customised I love you lamp will not only help you express your feelings in the most romantic way but also make for an adorable showpiece for your partner’s room. You can choose from a variety of lamps available online including glass lamps, beautiful ‘ I love you’ couple lamps and other amazing options.

I Love You LED Lamp for Girlfriend

Guitar Session

Digital gifts are in trend these days and if you wish to propose to your partner in a unique and romantic way, dedicating them romantic ‘I love you’ songs over a guitar can be a thrilling idea. You can also book a singer or any other instrument like flute, violin or anything of your choice and propose to your partner with lovely musical tones in the background.

Guitar Session


When words are not enough say it with a tambour. A beautiful tambour with ‘ I love you’ printed or engraved on it using a thread is a great way to add weight to your emotions. These also make for amazing decor items for home and your partner can hang this in their room to add style and elegance.

I Love You Tambour


Couple t-shirts are a thing and one of the best personalized gifts for a girlfriend is to give her a pair of ‘I love you’ t-shirts that you both can wear together and flaunt it among your friends given them major couple goals.

I love you T-shirt

There are more than a hundred ways to express your feelings and propose to your partner with the three magical words and these ‘I love you’ gift ideas will surely add a spark to your day.