Top 10 Personalised Gifts For Colleague

No denying, your co-workers and colleagues tend to stir your office life. They are a significant part of your life when you gel up well with them. When you connect with them at the office, the work hours become a delight. However, if you are looking for personalised gifts for colleagues for any special occasion like a birthday, promotion, Christmas, New Year and Diwali etc. you are at the right place. Just take a look at the best 10 personalised gifts for your talented colleagues.

Top 10 Personalised Gifts For Colleague

1. Personalised Coffee Mug

When you hustle 9 to 5 every day, coffee is what makes you keep going with immense concentration and focus. A ceramic coffee mug with a vibrant print is surely the best gift for your favourite colleague. You can give a customised photo coffee mug or a mug with any motivational quote.

Personalised Coffee Mug For Colleague

2. Personalised Comfy Cushion

Gift your colleague a soft and comfortable cushion so that he/she can rest on it after work. You can get personalised cushions from online gift stores with customised photo prints as well as inspirational quotes print.

Personalised Comfy Cushion For Colleague

3. Personalised Sipper

Remind your colleague to stay hydrated by giving a cool personalised sipper. These sippers can be easily carried to the office, gym or home. You can get them personalised with your colleague’s name or initials. This will be a practical gift indeed.

Personalised Sipper For Colleague

4. Personalised Notebook or Diary

If you wish to give something useful, you can consider gifting a personalised notebook or diary. Your colleague can use it for jotting down minute details of meetings or other essential information. You can get the notebook cover to customise with different patterns like photo print or message print.

Personalised Notebook or Diary For Colleague

5. Personalised Bluetooth Speaker

Nowadays, LED Bluetooth speakers are in great demand. If you are confused about a thoughtful gift for your favourite coworker, you can surely consider this one. A personalised LED speaker comes with photo prints or any other message of your choice.

Personalised Bluetooth Speaker For Colleague

6. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame

Give a classy wooden photo frame to your colleague on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, promotion and Christmas party etc. However, you can place an order for a personalised photo frame where the name is engraved over the wood. This gift will surely make your colleague smile.

Personalised Wooden Photo Frame For Colleague

7. Indoor Plant With Personalised Pot

Gift something natural to your coworker. If your colleague is a true nature lover, you can gift him a lush green indoor plant with a personalised pot. These pots come in different shapes and colours. You can get a personalised message printed over the pot. No doubt, it will be a trendy gift.

Indoor Plant With Personalised Pot For Colleague

8. Personalised Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are considered to be the most classy gift option. If your colleague likes to have a drink often, you can surprise them with a premium set of personalised whiskey glasses with their name engraved over them. Also, any particular logo or motivational message can be printed over the wine glasses.

Personalised Wine Glasses For Colleague

9. Personalised Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is absolutely a perfect gift for any of your colleagues. Online gift stores provide you with a wide range of leather wallets with a personalised name option. However, such a practical gift will last longer.

Personalised Leather Wallet For Colleague

10. Personalised Power Bank

In this fast-paced digital world, power banks have become a necessity. If you wish to give a useful as well as a trendy gift to your colleagues, just give him/her a premium quality power bank with his/her name printed over them. Logo imprinted power banks are also available online.

Personalised Power Bank For Colleague

So, these are the top ten gift items for your favourite colleague. Pick any of them and give a startling surprise to your colleague right away.