Top 10 Tips to Bake Delicious Cake at Home

Baking is an art which can be mastered by using the right ingredients in the right proportions. It is said to be therapeutic as well as an expression of love. Truly, nothing seems to be more comforting than baking a delicious chocolate cake, cupcake, pies and other such sweet confections. But the challenge is to crack this art of baking so that calm gets restored in place of catastrophe and charm gets restored in place of clumsy. Wondering how to master this art form? Well, rest back as we have got your covered fellow readers. Over this blog, we are going to provide you with the top 10 secret tips to bake a delicious cake at home. Each of these tips is universally applicable while baking any kind of sweet confections including cakes, cookies and much more.

Bake Delicious Cake at Home

So what’s the wait for? Let’s dig in to know how to bake a perfect pound of happiness all by ourselves at home.

1. Pick A Good Recipe -

Look for the recipe for delicious cake online and only then fix up your mind to bake it.

cake Recipe

A good recipe will have all the important baking notes including the substitutes, that you can use as well as some other important instructions, pertaining to the ingredients, proportions, temperatures and more.

2. Follow The Baking Pan Size As Mentioned In Recipe -

Always make sure that if you choose to opt for a larger or smaller baking pan, than what has been mentioned over the recipe, then adjust the bake time even. If you opt to go with a bigger size baking pan, then keep the cake baking for about 5-10 minutes more. If smaller in size, then bake it for 5-10 minutes less than what has been mentioned in the recipe.

baking pan

Check its doneness by pricking a toothpick or by poking a knife. If it comes out clean your cake is done! If not, then bake it for some time more. Also, make sure you line up the baking pan with some parchment paper of the appropriate size after greasing the pan with some melted butter, baking spray or oil.

3. Preheat The Oven -

Every good recipe will ask you to start your baking by preheating the oven at some specified temperature.

Preheat The Oven

Make sure you do that. Your cake needs to be around hot temperature so that it rises up to the desired level, which is why preheating the oven is a much-needed step.

4. Adhere To The Specified Measurements And Weights -

Try to use the exact measurements of ingredients as mentioned in the recipe.

cake ingredients

If you keep adding more baking powder in your cake batter, it would no way mean that the cake will rise more to have a perfect shape, size and texture. Rather it could fetch you opposite results. So you need measuring spoons to measure the right amount of ingredients needed to make a perfect cake.

5. Keep A Check Over Temperature -

Most of the cake recipes demand the eggs and butter to be at room temperature before its usage in the cake batter. Make sure you adhere to this tip.


Baking a cake can make a whole lot of (negative) difference if the temperature is not considered. The cold eggs will not be able to cream well and eventually end up curdling the cake batter, altogether which is so not desirable.

6. Get Air Into The Cake -

Mixing the butter and sugar together lightens the texture and colour of the cake batter. It increases the air or the volume of the cake, which is what makes your cake light and fluffy.

Cake Mixture

Sieve the flour and other dry ingredients together to add some air which will help you fold the cake batter easily. See that you don’t end up forming some lumps in the batter but at the same time don’t overmix the batter.

7. Cake Mixture Ready? Put It Straight Into The Oven -

Once your cake batter is well combined don’t take much time to put it inside the preheated oven as the rising agent starters acting as soon as it comes in contact with the wet ingredients.

Cake Mixture

So, for a good rise, make sure to put the cake batter straightaway inside the preheated oven to get the best results.

8. Make Sure The Oven Door Is Properly Closed -

Middle shelf is the place inside the oven which is known to bake some perfect cakes.

bake perfect cakes

So, make sure to place the baking tray filled with cake batter in that shelf and close the oven doors properly before you set the temperatures. If the doors aren’t properly shut down, the cake wouldn’t be cooked at all and becomes very likely to collapse.

9. Be Particular About The Cook Time –

cake cooking time

Follow the cooking time, as mentioned in the recipe. Although, the oven and the intensity of baking varies, so you can keep a check and bake the cake till the time it is done perfectly.

10. Before Serving, Cool It Down Properly -

Every good recipe will ask you to cool down the cake by placing it over a wire rack before serving.

cake recipe at home

Make sure to follow that! It helps the soggy edges to dry out and for the cake to turn out to be moist yet spongy in its texture.

Therefore, instead of ordering cakes online, we are hoping by following these tips and tricks that you can bake a toothsome cake, as it appears in the picture of the chosen dishes. And tastes even better! Happy Baking To All! :)