10 Ideal Birthday Ideas For A Heart Warming Ceremony

Everyone feels on top of the world when it’s their birthday. From spending some quality time with their family and friends dancing, singing, playing some games and relishing tonnes of junk food, people have a gala time celebrating their birthdays, year after year. There are quite a lot of expectations and excitement held by the birthday boy/girl regarding how’s there birthday party is gonna turn out. Mostly it is seen the loved ones plan a heartwarming ceremony including some of the beyond perfect birthday ideas in the honour of the birthday boy/girl. And with the extractions being held high by the birthday boy/girl you really need to put your best foot forward while planning a surprise birthday party by bringing some creative birthday ideas together. No matter what age group, they belong to, when it comes to getting pampered with some of the finest birthday ideas, people tend to act like a 5-year-old. Nothing can go wrong. They want everything to be as perfect as possible when it’s about celebrating their born day. So, if you are planning for a birthday party but are running out of some ideal birthday ideas, then don’t worry! We have got your back with this blog. Over this blog, we have mentioned some birthday ideas to plan a great birthday party for your loved one. Here’s what you need to do!

10 Ideal Birthday Ideas For A Heart Warming Ceremony

1) Virtual Birthday Party - Amidst the COVID-19 times, throwing a birthday party could become a task. But it will all be worth when in the end, your dear one’s smile lights up your day. Gathering some folks becomes a rather easy way for the virus to even get into our birthday party and eventually end up spoiling it. This is why you have to go with planning a virtual birthday party for your loved one, wherein you can keep all the loved ones of the birthday boy/girl over a video calling app and together have a great time celebrating it. You can schedule the cake cutting ceremony and some fun games virtually which the guest attending the party can actually look up to.

Virtual Birthday Party

2) Board Game Bday Party - Want to throw a birthday party which would be rather homely and filled with tonnes of warm memories? Then, take out all those board games which you used to play a long-long time ago with your folks. A board game birthday party is sure to keep everyone hooked to the party and there shall be no single dull moment in that party. You can bring games like Ludo, Monopoly, Foosball, UNO, Jenga and other such exciting games. Do keep some munchies and small bites ready for when the hunger pangs your players.

Board Game Bday Party

3) Home Bar Crawl Bday Party - There’s no possible way that a party could be hip and happening without some drinks in it. So, we thought why not make the whole birthday party all about it. Get your home bar all stocked up with all kinds of alcohols or spirits straight from beer, whiskey, scotch, vodka, tequila to rum, brandy and much more. Make sure you have enough ice cubes, soda and soft drinks to accompany it in your favourite poison for the party. You can be the bartender yourself for the party or can even hire one such professional. By bringing the booze in the party, you are sure to make the “coolest host/hostess” title all yours!

Home Bar Crawl Bday Party

4) Sleepover/ Slumber Bday Party - Bring on the party fever and the unlimited fun as you choose to throw a surprise sleepover birthday party. Staying overnight makes you and your guests bond very well together by sharing secrets to even sharing night suits and beds. Make sure you have some extra mattresses to pull this cool birthday party idea, like a pro planner.

Sleepover Slumber Bday Party

5) Netflix Birthday Party - Sometimes going out seems like a mainstream way of celebrating a party with the loved ones which are why a Netflix and chill birthday party could help you win over your guest and the birthday boy/girl. Get some soft drinks and two-three largest bowls of popcorn ready as you binge watch some of the favourite movies, shows or web series of the birthday girl/boy together at his/her place of residence. Chilling at the comfort of a known shelter along with the best of the people - the birthday boy/girl couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party! Period!

Netflix Birthday Party

6) Theme Birthday Party - Did the birthday boy/girl ever happen to mention that he/she wished to be surprised with Star Wars or GOT themed birthday party? Then, it’s time to make their dreams come true! You can pick the favourite fictitious character from some movie, show, etc. which the birthday boy/girl is a diehard fan of and can throw a surprise birthday party for him/her surrounding it. He/she will be absolutely thrilled - trust us on this!

Theme Birthday Party

7) Social Media Bday Party - Today’s generation is very much obsessed with the idea of social media and its various platforms. So, a social media blast birthday party would be great fun. Get some of the friends and family members to post some stories, videos, boomerangs or pictures with the birthday boy/girl to make him/her feel special. You can even create a collective banner/video wish wherein every one of his/her friends/family is featuring to wish him/her a very happy birthday. For a person who is like a social media butterfly, this birthday party idea is sure to rock!

Social Media Bday Party

8) Treasure Hunt Bday Party - Let the legendary fun times roll as you plan an exciting yet gripping treasure hunt birthday party for your loved one. Hide all the presents received from every guest at the birthday party and keep the birthday boy/girl guessing by dropping some major hints to help him/her figure out where it’s hidden. Keep the bumper prize hidden at the very end of the treasure hunt to keep developing the curiosity level among the birthday boy/girl. You bet, he/she is gonna have one hell of a time searching for his/her gifts.

Treasure Hunt Bday Party

9) Vintage Bday Party - Sometimes it’s good to go “the old school way”! We know that vintage theme parties would have come under the theme birthday party pointer, but it deserves a special, separate identity. Go back to the favourite era of the birthday boy/girl, get every little detail from the birthday decorations to birthday cake and dress code around the vintage theme. Have a vintage playlist ready for the party too. It is sure to make a heartwarming way of celebrating one old soul’s birthday who feels trapped in this 21st century.

Vintage Bday Party

10) Favourite Colour Bday Party - Pink is for girls, whereas blue is for boys! But the choice of the colour of the birthday party surely doesn’t end up right here! Figure out what is the favourite colour of the birthday boy/girl and design a surprise birthday party around it. Get all the decorations, birthday cake, game equipment - everything around the colour. We bet, the birthday boy/girl is surely going to enjoy his/her birthday party and couldn’t thank you more for your thoughts and efforts.

Favourite Colour Bday Party

So, what’s your pick gonna be?