Top 15 Marriage Gift Ideas for the First Year

Congratulations on completing fantastic 365 days of being each other's strength! Or you can wish the same to your loved ones if they have completed one year of being married to their impeccably sweet partner. You are reading this blog, so we assumed you are looking for gifts for your anniversary or your dearest ones. Celebrating the first anniversary is a pretty huge deal and should be observed in a one-of-a-kind manner, and gifts make it more special, as thoughtful presents are considered the unspoken language of love.

How would you decide on the first-anniversary gift for your partner? Whether looking for a gift for your dearest partner or buying for a known couple, always look for meaningful and personal presents. Look for something that reminds the recipient of your love and care towards them. The intention matters the most when giving a gift, so ensure that your present is wrapped with immense love and thoughtfulness.

So, are you at a loss for first-anniversary gift ideas for your loved one? Fret no more because we have compiled a list of the 15 most remarkable gift ideas for women and men that you can choose from. The below-mentioned list is a compilation of different and top 15 marriage gift ideas for the first year, from home decor to accessories to apparel to other practical things. Read on!
First Year marriage anniversary gifts for her

Traditional Gift: Paper:

Did you know that a first-anniversary conventional gift is a paper? It is delicate, but at the same time, it is strong, and that makes it perfect for a traditional first-anniversary gift. You can get anything made of paper, such as a photo album, books, art prints, customised calendars and more.


Modern Gift: Clock:

The modern gift associated with the first wedding anniversary is a clock. So, you can get a watch, wall clock, or desktop clock as a gift for your partner or another couple. If you want to add a personalised touch, we suggest you go for photo wall clocks, as they look more attractive and will surely make the recipient joyful.


Star Map Wall Frame:

Convey your heartfelt congratulations to your dearest one and express how you think “it’s written in the stars” and is a match made in heaven. You can customise the star map with the wedding date, the couple’s names, and a quote. This will surely be a blissful present for an astrophile or the person who admires the night sky.


Statement Jewellery:

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your wife, then look no further than a piece of statement jewellery. Get special gifts for her on the joyous occasion, and make her smile exuberantly. Choose from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or complete sets as gifts.

Statement-Jewellery gifts for wife

Personalised HourGlass:

Let your beloved know that your love is timeless, or if you are getting a gift for a couple, then this will be a perfect first-anniversary home decor gift for them. To make it more personalised, engrave it with names, dates, and a personalised message.

Personalised-Hour-Glass gifts for her

Pop-Up Photo Box:

Get a customised box filled with adorable pictures and surprise the recipient with a heartwarming gift. Add loving pictures of honeymoon, wedding, or any special occasion to preserve the memories for eternity.


Name-Engraved Set of Champagne Glasses:

Get a set of two champagne glasses engraved with your and your partner's names to enhance your gifting. If you enjoy occasional alcohol, then this idea is perfect for you. Alternatively, you can opt for wine, shot, or whiskey glasses.


Personalised Bathrobes for Couples:

Add an intimate touch to your gifting and get a set of two name-embroidered bathrobes for you and your partner. You can either opt for a full name or just initials to make your gifting more personalised.


Customised Mugs

Make your gift a little comical with a quirky touch. Let your wife know that she is the “real boss” in your relationship by getting a set of two customised mugs imprinted with ‘the boss’ and ‘the real boss’ texts. This can indeed be considered one of the perfectly hilarious gifts for her and you!

Customised Mugs

Photo Cushion:

Extend your heartfelt wishes in a personalised and comfy manner with a printed cushion. You can add names, adorable pictures, or quotations to make the cushion more alluring.


Wish through Greens!

Convey your heartfelt wishes and love feelings to your partner in a naturally elegant manner through plants. Opt for an adorable plant potted in a cutesy pot along with a tag that says I Love You! It will indeed bring a charming smile to your beloved’s face. It will also be a fantastic way to elevate your home decor.

Plants for her

Line Art Acrylic Lamp:

Illuminate your bedroom or living room as you switch on this alluring acrylic lamp in your favourite colour. Customise the lamp with a couple’s line art or recipient's names for an intimate touch.

Acrylic-Lamp gifts for her

Name-Engraved Bottle Set:

A customised bottle set is a Perfect gift for a couple who loves to travel together or hit the gym together. You can add the names to the bottles and use them regularly. The bottles are perfect for daily usage, the office, the gym, and so on.

Name Engraved Bottle gift for wife

Lapel Pins and Cufflinks:

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your dearest husband, get him an elegant set of cufflinks and lapel pins. He can wear them to business meetings, corporate events, social gatherings, etc.


Impeccable Hampers:

If you are still trying to figure out the idea of gifts, why not choose a hamper? You can get an impeccably assorted hamper of chocolates, personalised mugs and coasters, photo frames, and more. Hampers are the perfect gift ideas for women and men on their first anniversary, as they comprise many love-filled assortments.

Impeccable hampers

Parting Words

There you have a marvellous list of fantastic gift ideas that you can get for your partner or any other couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Tickle their hearts and bring exuberant smiles to their faces with your love-wrapped presents. We wish you a delightful first wedding anniversary!