Top 15 Most Exotic Flowers Around The World

Exotic flowers send a passionate message: You're wonderful! When you can't be there to say it in person, they make the perfect go-between. A single stem or bouquet of glorious and beautiful exotic flowers adds elegance to any occasion – whether given in romance, friendship, or as a thoughtful thank you. Perhaps the most obvious beauty in the world of flowers is their ability to brighten a home or office with color. Whether you have a plant that requires care or a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from your local florist, flowers will provide elegance and life for your surroundings.

Uplift your knowledge about flowers as we bring you the fifteen most exotic flowers from around the world with exotic flower names. The reasons why they are exotic are defined under, and it requires a thorough read from your end.

So, go ahead on a floral ride, you flower lovers! Here are some of the names of exotic flowers and everything you should know about them.

Top 15 Most Exotic Flowers Around The World

1. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

These exotic flowers are often grown in the tropical regions of South America. Apart from blooming up for at least six weeks, Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are exceptionally easy to grow flowers. These flowers were used as a symbol of prideful women in Victorian times. Red and white coloured amaryllis are popular, but they do come in a variety of colours with combinations like soft cream, reddish pink, blue, and a vibrant black.


2. Anthurium

Exotic flowers names also sound exotic! Just try repeating the name anthurium five to six times, and you will feel something special about it. Well, the first feature of this flower is that it seems like a proper heart-shaped leaf. The actual flowers are in the rod-shaped protrusion that you see emerging from the top point of the heart-shaped bract. These flowers symbolize abundance and hospitality.


3. Banana Flowers (Musa)

Banana is without a doubt a highly loved fruit that renders many health benefits. But the banana plant doesn't only provide health but happiness with its blooms. The exotic flowers that a banana tree produces contain the fruit inside and fall in the category of edible flowers. They form a teardrop shape having fleshy petals mostly in the shades of purple colour.

Banana Flowers

4. Bindweed

Bindweed flowers are known as Convolvulus Arvensis scientifically, and they were once treated as pests in the garden. The exotic flower name may not sound good, but the grace of flowers is actually eye-popping and heart-warming. The flowers symbolize family and hence makes a great pick to be presented gifts.


5. Birds Of Paradise

One may not need to know more than the flower's name because it makes it a much-loved exotic flower. These flowers look like a colourful bird having spikes around. Birds of Paradise flowers are also known as crane flowers in some areas. These flowers are a little poisonous, but the beauty makes them a great pick as a gift to express joyfulness and anticipation.

Birds Of Paradise

6. Bull Thistle

The first thing that we also want to know about exotic flowers is who gave them their names. Bull Thistle is a native flower in most of Europe and Western Asia. The purple blooms sway on top of a hardy plant, and the flowers look attractive but dangerous. They are prized high as they can be served raw in salads apart from their delicate beauty.

Bull Thistle

7. Calathea

At first glance, this flower looks like an ice cream cone, and the exotic flowers name also sounds like newly-launched ice cream. The flower is responsive to the light as it opens wide throughout the day and closes softly again at night. When the petals close at night, it looks like hands folded for prayer, thus giving it its second name; prayer flowers.


8. Calla Lily

You may think that these exotic blossoms are cousins to lilies, but they are related to philodendrons. The flower looks like a yellow spadix rising from the centre of the trumpet. These flowers can pick any colour from the rainbow colour chart for their beauty. Symbolizing purity, faith, and rebirth, Calla lily is a perfect choice for wedding events.

Calla Lily

9. Ecuador Roses

Rose is the name that many people synonym with flower, and that shows its popularity. One of the varieties of roses makes it to the list of exotic flowers, and it is none other than Ecuador Roses. These flowers can be placed in any floral arrangement and can be used to gift your loved ones on any occasion. The beauty of Ecuador Roses never fails to delight the eyes!

Ecuador Roses

10. Fiddleneck

As you can see in the image, the exotic flower's name comes from its shape. The flowers have a long neck-shaped base that opens up to make it look like a trumpet. Yellow or slightly orange are the most common colours for the Fiddleneck, but some varieties can be found in nearly white or pale violet colour. This exotic blossom can attract birds like Lawrence's Goldfinch.


11. Filaree

The Filaree flowers are also known as redstem filaree and common stork's bill and Erodium Cicutarium, their scientific name. The flower Filaree was originally found near Portugal, but it can now be found in Northamerica or other grassland areas of the southwest. The vibrant pink flowers have oval-shaped petals in the count of five.


12. Ginger

You might be thinking about the ginger root, which we use for cooking purposes, but it's not that. Ginger has 1300 species in the Zingiberaceae family, and the ginger we are talking about are the gorgeous flowers native to India's southwest coast and Kerela's Malabar Coast. The flower blooms straight like a small stem and contains many petals to generate beauty. This is one of the most exotic flowers in the world.


13. Heliconia

Another one from exotic flowers names that really sounds exotic. The blossoms are also known as lobster claw plants, parrot flowers, or false birds of paradise. The flowers are drooping panicles with quite waxy bracts. Due to the shape of heliconia flowers, only hummingbirds can access their pollen.


14. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is one of the most exotic flowers which grows from bulbs and forms spikes with four to six petals on average. These flowers are native to the Mediterranean and parts of northern Palestine, and they are loved for their gaze-worthy beauty and soulful fragrance. Hyacinth blossoms are available in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and white colours.


15. Lotus

This one is the most beautiful exotic flower having a paradisal appeal to it. And the reason we have kept it, at last, is because it's a show-stopper for us. Lotus is also known as water lily, and it is the flower of Goddess Lakshmi. The lotus flower is regarded as the symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.


Exotic flowers are not just about beautiful colorful flowers. They are a sophisticated air and intensity of spring, summer, and fall romance, drawing the spectators' attention with their rich look and unique aroma. You can fill a brightly or dimly lit room with it, or create a special holiday mood in your home with these exotic flowers. Flowers are the best way to show your love, respect, and affection for your friends, family, and partner. In addition, it can also calm your mind and relieve stress during a mental or physical challenge. So here are some of the exotic beautiful flowers. All these types of exotic flowers are just the best for gifting. You can also look for pictures of exotic flowers and buy them accordingly for your friends and family. Never be without beautiful exotic flowers to give for any occasion.