Top 15 Purple Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Looking forward to freshening up your garden in the coming season? We would say that is a great idea and therefore a punch of purple flowers could be something that you need. Also known as the colour of royalty, purple flowers brighten up your space and give your garden some beautiful hues to dive in. There are a lot of shades of purple flowers that can liven up your garden easily and make it look even more beautiful. With a mixture of low-maintenance annuals, perennial flowers, you can make your garden look stunningly beautiful with these purple blooms. Here are different types of purple flowers that you can bestow your garden in the coming season. Have a look and choose your pick to find the ones that are perfect for your garden.

Top 15 Purple Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

1. Bellflower

These beautiful bell-shaped blooms are available in both white as well as purple variants, purple being the most common colour available in these flowers. These flowers require well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine to keep them blooming and therefore are the perfect flowers for your garden if it receives long hours of sunshine.


2. Balloon Flower

Also a flower of the bellflower family, these purple coloured flowers are long-living perennials and are very easy to take care of. These flowers are known to naturally repel deer and rarely need dividing, and can thrive in the cold as well as drought-prone areas.

Balloon Flower

3. Lavender

This sun-loving flower is also an insect repelling plant and can be planted along walkways or garden paths where you can enjoy its scent. Lavender flowers are also popular for relieving your senses and helping you relax, and therefore, these flowers are known to relieve stress and anxiety in your everyday life.


4. Allium

These flowers are members of the onion family, and their beautiful and striking perennial blooms come up in the late spring and early summer season and therefore last for a week. These flowers are easy to care for and can be planted on their own or mixed with other plants that will surely help them bloom.


5. Cosmos

These flowers bloom throughout the summer season and can thrive in poor soil conditions. These flowers have beautiful and bright purple hues, and the more you cut them, the faster and taller they grow.


6. Coneflower

The plants of these flowers can grow upto 5 feet tall, and these flowers bloom the best in lean soil as heavily amended soil can result in poor flowering of the flower. The beautiful shape and amazing purple colour flowers will liven up your garden in an instant.


7. Gladiolus

These flowers are cost-effective and bloom from the late summer season through fall, and are the perfect addition to a cut flower garden. With vibrant hues and amazing shapes, these flowers are easy to maintain and add a statement to your garden in an instance.


8. Foxgloves

These beautiful flowers are known for their lovely appearance and are easy to maintain. Foxgloves flowers offer a beautiful appearance to your garden and make it look pleasing to the eyes and the senses. Foxgloves are one of the most popular species of garden plants and are easy to care for.


9. Lisianthus

Also known as Texas bluebells, these flowers will grow in all climates. These annual flowers bloom the best during the days with mild summers. Lisianthus flowers are known for their beautiful shape and striking purple colour and therefore are one of the best options for growing in your garden.


10. Morning Glory

The vines of the morning glory flower can grow upto 15 feet and can easily self-seed, and therefore you need to pick your planting spot wisely for these flowers. With beautiful hues of purple, these flowers are one of the best choices for garden plants.

Morning Glory

11. Petunia

These tough little blooms can thrive well in the hot and cold climate and are popularly planted in hanging baskets. These flowers can thrive in the toughest of conditions and therefore can be easily grown in the garden.


12. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas can change colour based on the soil's pH level, and therefore, to keep your petals purple, the pH level of soil should be around 5.5. It is easier to control the pH level of soil in a pot, and therefore you can consider growing these flowers in a pot and then place them in your garden.


13. Clematis

A fast-climbing vine, these flowers are members of the buttercup family and look absolutely stunning on fences, porches and trellises. Clematis flowers have a beautiful shape and have a pastel purple shade that will surely allure you to its beauty.


14. Purple Pansy

These flowers have a beautiful fragrance and will surely fill your interiors with their aromatic fragrance. These blooms are a great option for containers, borders as well as ground cover.

Purple Pansy

15. Lilac

Mostly, all the lilac flowers bloom in late May and these beautiful and delicate flowers are a complete yes when it comes to planting these in your garden. Lilac flowers have a wonderful colour and fragrance and, therefore, a must-have in your garden.


Planning to add purple hues to your garden? These flowers with amazing shapes, sizes and fragrances will definitely add a statement to your garden and make it look for blooming and colourful than ever before.