Why Cake Becomes Hard in the Microwave (Problem and Solution)

We all must binge eat the delicious birthday cakes now and then. But if you’ve ever baked a cake, you must be aware of all the problems. Everyone knows that cake baking is a pure art form. But there are many common cake baking problems that many people face.

Using the appropriate amount of ingredients is of utmost crucial, but sometimes the cake dries even after taking such measures. People follow different baking techniques for soft and spongy cake, but still, the cake comes out as hard and firm from the microwave.

There are many reasons why cake becomes hard in the microwave. Just have a look at the different cake baking problems and solutions right here.

 cake baking problems and solutions

We can know about the dryness and hardness of the cake only after baking, which relies on numerous factors such as the whipping process, the number of ingredients, plus the most crucial baking process.

Reason 1

One of the most evident reasons is that you may just overcook the cake at the wrong microwave temperature.

 common cake baking problems

Solution -

You can quickly fix this problem by ensuring that you’ve set the correct required temperature of the microwave. You need to pay extra attention to microwave cake baking without convection mode.

How to use a Microwave for Baking Cake?

If you have a microwave without convection, the power level should be set to 100%. However, if you use a microwave with convection mode, you must measure that temperature to 180 degrees Celsius to bake the cake. But you must keep in mind that you must pay attention to the other steps too and not just the temperature settings of the microwave.

Make sure you are using the flour as well as the eggs that are at room temperature. Warm, the better so that you can blend the mixture easily. If you use eggs right from the refrigerator, it may shift the coolness into the batter itself. This can make your cake hard and stiff.

Reason 2

Not measuring the ingredients accurately - When you are not weighing your cake ingredients accurately, such as flour, it can impact the texture, and final cake quality as excessive flour can dry out the cake. You must minute detail in case of fruit cakes regarding the exact quantity.

 microwave cake baking

Solution -

Use accurate containers to measure the dry ingredients. Use tools to measure the exact volume and weight of the dry ingredients, like graduated measuring cups.

Reason 3

Excessive whipping after adding flour - After adding the dry ingredients, just avoid too much whipping, especially when you have added the flour. It can result in activated gluten because when you beat the flour too much with a certain speed, the gluten gets activated, which forms a dry and hard cake.

 how to use microwave oven for baking cake

Solution -

The flour must be added in three to four parts and not all at once. Mix it slowly until it gets blended well.

Reason 4

Leaving the cake inside the microwave after baking -

Overheating the cake is one of the reasons why your cake turns out to be hard and tight.

Solution -

After the test-cook of the cake with a toothpick, there is no need to leave the cake inside even for a minute. If the toothpick comes clean, take out the cake immediately. In this way, your cake will not lose its moisture and will remain super soft.

So, with these practical solutions, you can bake a perfectly soft cake at home. However, if you are craving a delicious cake, you can also order online from the best cake shop anytime. If you desire a gratifying vanilla cake, you can place an order for eggless cake online and instantly satisfy your taste buds.

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