Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Aries and Taurus Girlfriend

Quite literally, “Queens are born in April”. From being born leader to being highly ambitious, there’s no stopping for your April born lady. She’s charismatic, likes to take her decisions independently and has got a strong, determined mind when it comes to setting her priorities right. Adventurous and outgoing to the core, an Aries/ Taurus woman is highly emotional as well as a generous person. She believes in loving and giving all that she has, to the ones who matter to her. So, when it’s her birthday one cannot leave any stone unturned to treat her in the best possible way. Here’s a list of april birthday gifts, specially designed to please your Aries/Taurus gal to the core. Each of these gifts is so perfect because it matches the personality of an Aries woman.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Aries or Taurus Girlfriend

1. Choose Perfect April Birthday Cakes To Cheer Her Up

It would be a sheer act of injustice not to treat your Aries/Taurus girlfriend over a happy birthday april cake. As every celebration seems incomplete without a showstopping cake, so make sure you make it a “birthday to remember” for her bypassing your token of baked love. As cakes are something which comes in different shapes and sizes, having different appeals, you can bring a beautiful smile on her face as you treat your Phool over a quirky april fools birthday cake. You can order for a dreamy birthday cake for her from some local bakery or can choose to get the cake delivered at her doorstep by opting for some online bakery’s birthday cake delivery option.

Choose Perfect April Birthday Cakes

2. Make Her Blush Over Blooms

Now, just treating her over a birthday cake won’t seem enough. I mean common, she is your girlfriend, doesn’t she deserves a bit more of your love? Surely, she does. So, while you gift her the best birthday cake accompany it along with a bundle of her favourite flowers. You can also opt to woo her over a bouquet full of April birthday flower, i.e. Gerberas. Gerbera daisies symbolise virtuousness, purity, and cheerfulness, which quite captures the happy-go-lucky attitude of the Aries woman.

Make Her Blush Over Blooms

3. Add A Personal Touch Of Love While Gifting

There’s no great feeling than receiving personalised gifts like T-shirts, night lamps, mugs, keychains, travel and bar accessories on the birthday. It shows that you are being gifted something distinct than regular gifts. One has got a personal sentiment or emotion or memory attached to it which leaves the recipient mesmerised while receiving it as a gift. So, without any hesitation when it comes to gifting something precious to your girl on her birthday, personalised gifts are the perfect gift to treat her.

Add A Personal Touch Of Love While Gifting

4. Comfy Gifts Are Always Welcome

Always being tied down by the views of the society and then by the fittings of the clothing, comfy clothing is something which every girl likes to roam around in. So, a pyjama and T-shirt set is something which speaks out loud about the unapologetically fashion-forward dressing sense of an Aries/Taurus woman. As they are not afraid to make a statement with something offbeat as this, April-born woman would love to be pampered over a comfy set of clothing.

Comfy Gifts Are Always Welcome

5. Tick-Tock Time Is Of The Essence

Aries/Taurus woman is always full of leadership qualities and as an outcome of which they value punctuality as a trait. So, a wristwatch or a table clock makes an excellent gift for them. As per FengShui norms, a watch is said to spread happiness and extend all the good elements of nature, once gifted.

Tick-Tock Time Is Of The Essence

6. Epitome Of Exquisiteness

Elegant personalities of an Aries/Taurus woman, is something which attracts the eyes of others. So, minimalistic jewellery pieces that can be worn every day is something that is adorned by Aries woman by heart. Also, this is some gift which shall always be close to her heart, quite literally! You can even go with gifting her a zodiac necklace or bracelet which is quite trending, these days.

Epitome Of Exquisiteness

7. Gift Her A Token Of Kindness

She is kind and has a good heart, so is a green plant. If you wish to extend your love and lovely feelings, that you hold for her over something thoughtful, then a healthy, blissful plant seems like a perfect birthday gift option for her. Among plants, you can choose to gift her an air-purifying plant or a Feng Shui plant or even an ornamental plant, which comes potted in a cool yet hardy vase. As she works days and nights, a noble plant will take care of her and will spruce up her life with its freshness.

Gift Her A Token of Kindness

So, these were the top 7 birthday gift ideas for your April Born Girlfriend. You can surely think of something different as per your imagination and her personality. But, these are some of the best picks of gifts to treat her over, this and every birthday.