Top 10 Gifts for Teammates That Are Fun and Thoughtful

You spend most of your time in the office with your teammates. But, when it comes to deciding what gift to buy for them it is difficult to decide what to get. Whether your budget is big or small, you are sure to think about all types of personality.

From thoughtful retirement gifts to fun coworker gifts, win workplace brownie points and impress your peers with fun and thoughtful personalized gifts for team members. We have gifts for every kind of personality such as gifts for snack lovers, gifts for chocolate lovers, as well as smartphone accessories that will help your team to be the most productive one.

Personalized gifts for team members


A dash of greenery on their table will make your teammates happy. Plants are a great source of stress reliever providing health, wealth and good fortune. There are a wide variety of plants available online such as bamboo plant, money plant, jade plant, peace lily, bonsai plant, etc. Choose according to the likes and dislike of your team mate and order one online

Plant for a teammate

Snack o 'hour

If you say you don’t feel hungry while working in a cubicle then you are probably lying. We all want something too much while typing on our keyboards. Rather than giving fancy gift cards, gift your team mates a premium snack box of healthy chips, sweets, bars, candies, and even premium coffees. Trust us, this is one of the best gifts for team members.

Snack o 'hour

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Tea and Coffee is a must while you work 9-5. So gifting your teammate a temperature control mug is a great idea. It will keep his/her coffee or tea hot for long hours.
Using an app on the phone, they can control the temperature of this sleek smart mug to ensure that his coffee or tea stays hot.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Funny Desk Accessory Holder

If you are on a hunt for some funny gift ideas for team members then funny desk accessories a good idea. If your team member is always in the loo or into fashion or drinks a lot then you can give them a funny shaped accessory holder which contains tape, pens, memo pads and paper clips.

 Funny Desk Accessory Holder

Earbuds and Charger Holders

This Genius pouch is for an employee who always sticks to their phone or tablet. If they are always on the move, these handy leather holders will protect their gadget accessories. One side holds the phone charger, while the other stores the earphones.

Earbuds and charger holders

Mini Punching Bag

Your employees can take this fun gift home or leave it on the desktop in the office. Anytime they have feel frustrated with employees or the boss, they can give this punching bag a love tap. Consider it part of your company's integrated stress management strategy.

Mini punching bag

Bluetooth Speaker

Every music lover needs a portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to music on the go. Your companions who enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks will enjoy the portability of the bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker

A Portable Charger

The high-speed, pocket-size charger keeps the charge on for seven days, so your employee can easily recharge his device while he is on the go. To make it personalise, you can get his/her name engraved on it.

A portable charger

A Pen

If your teammate is into writing then then nothing can beat the charm of a beautiful pen. Allow your teammate to write with a really good pen. It can be a great option of gift team leaders.

 A pen


You can easily bring a wide smile on your loved ones face with their funny gestures. Where it can be customized according to any special occasion. For a custom caricature, all you need to do is send a picture and message with which you want to customize the gift to any reputed online portal and they will deliver it directly to your loved one's inbox.


So, these were a list of some amazing gifts for team members at work. Personalized gifts are always appreciated because they work from the heart. Order one of these personalised gifts online and give your teammates your token of love.