Simple Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners at Home

Delicious cake on the way… Wait, why is the cake looking so simple and plain? It happens a lot as the cake baking is easy and we just bake the cakes without decorating them after. But do you know that cake decoration at home is very simple and you can master it like a professional baker with ease. With the simple cake decoration ideas for beginners that we have discussed below, you can also try these easy homemade cake decorations. Most of the things that will be used for the decoration will be probably available in your kitchen. So, let’s get started with the simple cake decoration ideas for beginners.

Cake Decoration Tips

1. Powdered Sugar

The most easiest cake decorating product is powdered sugar. All you need to do is sprinkle the sugar over the spongy cake. The powdered sugar decoration will look fabulous on dark coloured cakes and that is why it is the most popular and simple chocolate cake decoration idea. You can even make letters and designs using the powdered sugar and a spreader or knife.

Powdered Sugar

2. Coconut

The most healthy and charming cake decoration element is coconut. You can make use of the coconut shavings for icing the cake completely. Give your simple vanilla or chocolate cake a whole new look by garnishing the cake over the light frosting with coconut shavings. The flavour of the cake will also turn into a great fusion and will be a treat for the taste buds.


3. Fruits

Convert your normal cake into a fruit cake with delicious fresh fruits. With the fresh berries and fruits placed on the top of your cake, your cake is guaranteed to turn into a lip-smacking beauty. Simply cut the fruits and place the slices on the top of the cake decoratively. You can also put these slices in between the cake layers to make your cake more juicy.


4. Kitkat and Gems

Everyone loves chocolates and Kitkat, Gems, Cadburys, etc. are everyone’s favorite. So, how about placing them on the cake? All you need to do is take the chocolate syrup and spill it over the cake to cover it completely. Then place the chocolates decoratively over the top and see your cake turn into a delectable beauty in just a few minutes.

Kitkat and Gems

5. Ice Cream

Ice cream topped on the hot cake is going to be an ultimate experience for your taste buds. Take two to three scoops of ice cream, sprinklers, and ice cream cones. Then place the ice cream on the top of the cake and then cover the scoops with the cones. Decorate the whole cake with sprinklers and witness the amazing beauty!

Ice Cream

So, these were the easy cake decorating ideas at home that you can try with very less ingredients and can achieve success. If you are able to decorate the cake amazingly with these easy cake decorating ideas for beginners, then share the photographs with us at our social media handles. If decorating the cake or baking the cake seems tough to you, then order cake online and enjoy the delicious cakes. Happy eating! Happy baking! Happy decorating!