Trending Cakes of 2022 That you cant Miss on Your Wedding Anniversary

A cake livens up any event or occasion, and they have been gracing these blissful moments for generations. They are irresistible, and everyone awaits the cake feeding time at weddings, which is also part of our tradition. If you are getting married or having an anniversary, you must make the best impressions with a trending delicious cake. A cake does not only have to taste good, and it has to be enchanting. When you have a point of reference to the wedding anniversary day like pictures and moments, you have vivid memories of the occasion.

wedding anniversary cakes

To help you engrave the best memories in the hearts and minds of your loved ones, in this blog, we share trending cakes of 2021 that you can’t miss on your wedding anniversary.

1. 2-Tier Anniversary Cake

If you are planning to have an anniversary party, you will need a cake that’s sufficient for your guests. A 2 tier anniversary cake is the perfect pick for such events. And it also comes with many customisation options to entice your loved ones. The best option is to go with the trending white and black tiered cake. It also comes with enchanting gold, black, and white stars, and a gold ribbon just like a gift.

2-Tier Anniversary Cake

2. Ivory Wedding Cake

A mix of ivory and gold colour presents a flawless cake finish no one can resist. It is also one of the most popular cakes you will find at wedding celebrations, making it a top choice for anniversaries. You can go with a 1, 2, or more tier cake options depending on the number of guests you expect and grab everyone’s attention with this irresistible vibrant cake.

 Ivory Wedding Cake

3. Floral Tier Wedding Cake

Flowers are also one of the most popular gifts that express feelings and emotions like cakes. When you blend the flower theme on a cake, you get something unique and flavorful. It also makes any cake look cool, whether it is a single or multi-tiered cake. And the flower finishes are created using florist paste which is an edible that quickly dries.

Floral Tier Wedding Cake

4. Penguin Wedding Cake

Happily married couples are cute and cuddly like the penguins, having a penguin wedding anniversary cake will put you guys on the cool-list for life. The pengu cake is well known for its delicious while like snow fondant and the penguin couple toppers in their wedding dresses.

Penguin Wedding Cake

5. Love Anniversary Cake

Love is what makes the turn. The love anniversary cake helps rekindle passion. The cake is a great gift to surprise your better half or favourite couple on the day they tied the knot. You may fancy a white cake finished with red hearts, ribbon, couple names, and a happy anniversary topping.

 Love Anniversary Cake

6. Chocolate Caramel Cake

Are you looking for a cake that has your favourite creamy chocolatey fondant and caramel? The chocolate caramel cake gives you the best of both luscious tastes. You can go with the mouth-watering trending cake that has part chocolate and caramel flavours.

 Chocolate Caramel Cake

7. Crunchy Kitkat Cake

The Kit Kat cake is one cake you will never go wrong with because chocolates are everyone’s favourite. If you are looking for a cake that will create the best memories - the Kit Kat chocolates’ crunchiness and the cake delight fits the spot for your ultimate anniversary celebrations.

 Crunchy Kitkat Cake