Try Out These Token of Appreciation for your Teachers

“They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it” -- Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

School days were the days we lived for. Weren’t they? Our days used to be filled with our teachers spoon feeding us, chilling out over extra classes with your favourite teachers and going out camping with your Class teacher and classmates. The list of things a teacher does for us is endless and we can’t thank her enough throughout our lives. Every teacher’s day on September 05 gives us an opportunity to dedicate a few words to thank a teacher and pamper them with some awesome teachers appreciation gifts. Here are a few tokens of appreciation for your teacher to show them how grateful you to have been blessed with some of the best mentors. Take some ideas and craft it as per your creativity and innovation.

Thank You Gifts for Teachers

1) Handmade Teacher’s Day Greeting Card

Splash some of your creativity as you prepare a greeting card writing your heart out inside it. Look for some amazing greeting card ideas online, get your sheet, sketch pens and other decorative items ready. A greeting card with some teachers day appreciation words for your favourite teacher will surely make a heartwarming gift indeed. Additionally, if you have some cutesy pictures of you and your classmates along with your teacher then you can get those printed and get it pasted in your greeting card.

Handmade Teacher’s Day Greeting Card

2) A Thank You Letter

Sometimes the little acts of kindness are what takes up the biggest room in our heart which is why a thank you letter which seems pretty simple but is a significant token of appreciation sweeps a teacher off her feet. It doesn’t have to be something super cheesy or fake, it just needs to be a sincere one in which both the good and the bad side of the teacher has been portrayed in the sweet yet honest manner. The time and the effort which you [put into creating something like this will leave your teacher amazed.

A Thank You Letter

3) A Journal And Pen Set

Teachers like to keep themselves prepared with the topics of the subject they are about to teach us. Hence something like a handmade journal having a mandala or some abstract art by you will leave her absolutely speechless. And the pen coming along with the journal prepared by you would make sure that indeed the pen is mightier than the sword. Something like this token of appreciation will leave a forever mark on his/her heart, making it a much-appreciated gift for teacher’s day.

A Journal And Pen Set

4) Flowers Bouquet

There’s no denying in the fact that flowers say what our words couldn’t, which is why they make an excellent token of appreciation for our teachers on every teacher’s day. Every flower has got a separate set of symbolism to convey you can choose to find what qualities of your teacher you admire the most and get a bouquet customised according to that. Your teacher will love your teacher’s day pamperings for sure.

Personalised Forever Wooden Frame

5) Plant

Instead of gifting flower bouquets which wither away way too soon, you can gift your favourite teachers a potted beauty. You can choose to gift from a lucky bamboo, jade plant, bonsai or other such desk plants. Every plant has got an innate blissful property make sure to make note of it before gifting it to your dearest teacher. A desk plant having a ceramic pot-themed to appreciate your teacher with some quirky quotes will be something easy to take care of and will last for ages.


6) Coffee Mug

If you have spotted him/her quite a lot of times with a mug of coffee as and when they enter the classroom, then what’s better than gifting a coffee mug to pamper your dearest teacher with. You can get the coffee mug customised with some quirky quotes and the name of the teacher or also you can get a picture of you and your teacher imprinted on it.

Coffee Mug

7) Back Pillow

Sitting hours at school checking papers and making notes for us, our teachers might end up straining their back sitting for long hours in the same posture. So, a back pillow will help him/her rest in a position which will be comfortable and relieve the stiffness in the back region. The thoughtfulness attached to your gift of appreciation will surely melt your teacher’s heart into tears.

Back Pillow

8) Cookie Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies when it comes as a gift? Get some freshly baked cookies and get it placed in a cutesy glass jar to present it to your teacher to win your teacher’s heart, effortlessly. Let her secretly know that he/she is as sweet as these cookies itself.

Cookie Jar

9) Bucket Of Essentials

Get all the things that your teacher needs every day to help you teach like pencils, red pens, markers, duster and chalks along with a thank you card to brighten up his/her day to the core. Something like a bucket full of essentials will be 110% appreciated by your teacher and will leave them in awe of you.

Bucket Of Essentials

10) Fancy Cupcakes

Get your teacher some cupcakes baked with your love and creativity and he/she will be absolutely thrilled receiving it as a token of appreciation from you on the upcoming teacher’s day. You can choose to get it customised with a picture or some fancy frosting along with the flavour of your teacher’s choice.

Fancy Cupcakes

So, these were some of the much-appreciated tokens of appreciation for your teacher that are absolutely perfect to grace an occasion like that of teacher’s day.