Type of Terrariums

When one thinks about ravishing indoor plants, Terrariums always top the list! These beautiful plants add an aesthetically pleasing look to your personal adobe while giving off all positive vibes! Most of the people who are into indoor plants are crazy about these graceful plants and are aware of all the different types of terrarium plants. These plants look absolutely stunning and as Terrarium Plants Online are easily available, they can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

types of terrarium

However, there are many people who don’t know much about these fascinating indoor flora, and for those newbies, we are here to help! So if you are facing the dilemma of buying the perfect terrarium for you and your loved ones, then allow us to give you a one on one, about all types of terrarium plants!

1. Open Terrarium

He first and most popular type of terrarium is the open one! Open terrariums are preferred by plant lovers around the globe because of their amazing qualities.

- First, open terrariums look incredibly appealing.

- Secondly, they are extremely easy to look after, almost like regular indoor plants.

- As they are open, you can grow almost all kinds of plants in this terrarium

And there are tons of other reasons why almost every plant enthusiast we know owns an open terrarium.

Open Terrarium

2. Tropical Closed Terrariums

Next up is the type that made the term terrarium popular, the closed terrarium. These terrariums look so enticing that anyone who glances at them finds it hard to ignore them. However, growing these terrariums is extremely difficult and as they are closed off, only tropical plants that grow in humidity can survive inside them. These are the terrariums that don’t need any looking after cause they develop a self-sufficient ecosystem for themselves. The popular plants that are grown in closed terrariums are Bridal Veil’s Plant, Peperomia Obtusefolia, and Iresine Herbstii.

Tropical Closed Terrariums

3. Hanging Terrariums

Now, let's talk about the terrariums that are invented solely for decorative purposes. The hanging terrarium is basically a normal open terrarium that comes with an option of hanging. You can grow ivy plants inside it to make it even more gorgeous.

Hanging Terrariums

4. Tray Terrariums

Our world is a creative place, so once the terrarium was released, it did not take us much time to develop different and easy variants of the said plant. The tray terrariums are a prompt example of this. As the name suggests, this one plant has all the fascinating features of a terrarium but instead of a bowl, it comes in a tray. But one thing is for sure, they look equally stunning.

Tray Terrariums

5. Bioactive Terrariums

If there is one thing more difficult than growing a closed terrarium, that is growing a closed bioactive terrarium! When you talk about a self-sufficient ecosystemic terrarium, they lack the ability to fertilize the soil. That is where the bioactive terrariums come into the picture. They go a step further and along with plants, microfauna like fungi is also grown inside the terrarium. Now, the benefit of this is that it breaks down the plant for the fertilization of the soil. So, now you have a plant that has its own water cycle and self-fertilization system, therefore the plant can live for years without any help from outside.

Bioactive Terrariums


These magnificent plants truly leave one bewitched with just one glance. So, no matter which plant you go for, you are surely in for a beautiful surprise.