What are the benefits of Terrarium?

Today, we will know why terrarium plants are loved and what are the benefits of terrarium. But before we move forward, it is equally important to understand what terrariums are and to know a bit about their history.

benefits of terrarium

In the 1800s, Dr. Nathaniel Ward sowed the seeds of a plant called Chrysalis by putting soil in a closed glass vessel, giving the required amount of moisture, and started studying the different stages of plant growth. After a few days, the plants grew from the seeds.

Dr. Ward's belief was that these plants would die soon in this reduced environment. But there was no limit to his surprise when the plants continued to grow well for four years without any special care. Due to this, he got into the habit of growing other plants also in closed glass pots. He found that tropical plants, especially ferns, are well suited for growing in this way.

The glass vessels were called glass cases at that time. Terrarium is actually a Latin word.

What is the principle of terrarium?

The principle of the terrarium is that the water once given in the soil put in a closed glass vessel is absorbed by the root of the plants, which is emitted in the process of perspiration from the aerial parts of the plant and accumulates on the walls of the glass vessel in the form of vapor. This vapor cools down turns into water and gets back into the soil. Due to this, the plant gets a balanced environment inside the glass vessel. If the terrarium is sealed, little care is required.

What are the benefits of a terrarium?

Tropical plants require a warm and humid climate. This is the easiest, new and cheap way to decorate the houses with greenery in those cities where the heat is more. They look very attractive and alluring. Not only this but such small terrariums can also be made and given as gifts or by selling them in the market, economic profit can also be earned.

How interesting would it be to create a self-supporting small 'ecosystem' for students studying botany? In addition to plants, this ecosystem can also include insects, moths, ground-dwelling organisms such as earthworms, etc. But their number soon increases.

1. They Look Amazing In Any Type Of Decor Setting -

From home indoors to office spaces and places of events, you can make any decor setting look beautiful with terrarium plants as they can fit any decor with perfection.

benefits of terrarium

2. You Can Be A Gardener Without Having A Garden -

Many people love spending time with natural greens. You can feel and spend time like a gardener while caring for your terrarium plants without owning a garden.

benefits of terrarium

3. Terrariums Are Easy To Care For -

You don’t have to worry about spending too much time caring for the terrariums. Only a few minutes of your day will be enough to keep your terrarium greens alive.

benefits of terrarium

4. You Can Unfold Layers Of Creativity -

Getting to know more about your creativity is amongst the most unorthodox benefits of terrarium. You can click beautiful pictures and start a plant photography page, or you can excel your home decor skill in the plant niche.

benefits of terrarium

5. Enjoy Being Around The Plants Not Native To Your Area -

There are countless varieties of plants around the world, but only a few of them are suitable to grow in the climate of your geographical conditions. But with terrariums and proper care, you can enjoy plants at your desk which aren’t suitable for your environment otherwise.

benefits of terrarium

Make your own garden without owning a garden and enjoy the benefits of a terrarium at your place. Get terrarium plants online for having variety to choose from and designer glass cases/vases/vessels.

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