Unique Birthday Gifts for Husbands Who Have Everything!

Is it again that time of the year when all that is in your mind is what to buy for your husband to surprise him on his birthday? Well, it is kind of a Mission Impossible series that you have to somehow pull off every year. You know this because he literally has everything and if you can’t think of a present that won’t result in a facepalm, then here we are with some amazing birthday gifts for husband who has everything! Scroll down and find out the best and unique gifts for him to make him the happiest with your thoughtfulness.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Husbands Who Have Everything

Jedi Bath Robe

This is the perfect gift you are searching for. After a shower, toward the start of the day, checking the inbox, or simply relaxing around the house would all be part of his training to ace the Force. This will take him back to the first time when he watched Obi Wan utilize his Jedi mind stunt to avoid the storm troopers.

Jedi Bath Robe for Husband

Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

Your husband is the sort of fellow who likes to have a drink along with his cigar after work? What is the best type of present for a person as classy as him? Something extraordinary however useful! Well, this cigar holding whiskey glass is the one. This wonderful glass will hold his cigar for him as he relaxes on the chair after a long tiring day at work!

Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

Heat Changing Personalised Mug

A mug that lights up the photograph and it’s background on the cup once something hot water or coffee is poured into it. Let your hubby enjoy his morning tea and evening coffee in this magical cup that will touch the right strings of his heart. You can also add a funny quote or his all-time favorite dialogue to the mug.

Heat Changing Personalised Mug for Husband

Photo Book/Scrapbook

Well, no matter how many photo albums your sweet husband has organised, a photo book full of memories will surely fill with happiness. You can make this photo book at your home by printing all the photographs of you and your husband and decoratively placing it inside the book using your creativity.

Photo Book/Scrapbook

Comic Book Mouse Pads

A perfect gift for your comic book or superhero freak hubby! If your husband is the first one to watch the very first show of their comic book character, then this gift will surely bring a wide smile on his face. Get the mouse pad personalised by getting the superhero dialogue printed on it to make the gift even more perfect!

Comic Book Mouse Pads

Luscious Cake

Well, his birthday won’t be officially over without the cake cutting ceremony. Arrange a picture perfect photo cake or a caricature designer cake or rum cake or any other special cake in his favorite flavour. Get your beautiful message printed on the cake and present it to him when he gets back from work.

Luscious Cake for Husband

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Well, don’t get us wrong here. Jack Daniels doesn't sell soap dispensers. But you can make use of the empty bottle of Jack Daniels or any other brand alcohol to put in hand wash or sanitiser or liquid soap inside it. It will add a man’s touch to the bathroom or the kitchen wash basin. Don’t wash the alcohol bottle before filling it for a strong fragrance.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

So, these were the birthday presents for husband who has everything! You can easily buy these and many more unique birthday gifts for husband from a reliable online gifting portal. Just make sure you choose the gift that will bring a graceful smile on his face. Put aside the traditional common gifts and go for the unique ones. Happy gifting!

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