Do You Know These Unique Gifts Idea For Bride?

Whether it’s your sister, BFF, friend or colleague who is getting married, deep in your heart, you completely understand how each woman dreams of this special day right from the time she begins to understand the concept of marriage. Won’t you want to double her joys, knowing that the day holds so much more to her than finding the man of her life?

Step aside from the cliche bed covers and dinner sets as wedding gifts. Add some thoughts to your tokens and make sure they not only look extravagant but fit your budget too. If finding the right gift is a dilemma, we have sorted out ten unique gift ideas for the bride that will match her personality as well as your budget.

Unique Gifts Idea For Bride

1. Love Wall Clock

A new marriage is all about overtly expressions of love. Gift the bride personalised wall clock with a picture of the couple in the background of the dial. As she decks up her new home, a charming wall clock will be one of the most exciting additions to her new space, and she is sure to pick the best spot for it.

Love Wall Clock

2. Personalised Passport Holder

A new couple will travel places for honeymoon and other adventure trips. For the bride on the go, a personalised passport holder will add charm to her travel diaries. Customise it with her initials for a fun and quirky gift.

Personalised Passport Holder

3. Lucky Charm

A lucky charm could give you a wide range of things to choose from. It could be home decor, say a set of laughing Buddha, a statue of a deity or lucky coins. You can also get a piece of custom jewellery made based on her zodiac sign.

Lucky Charm

4. Bridal Gift Box

Opt for a bridal gift box where you can put various sweet little things to make your bridal gift more personal and thoughtful. You can put a coffee mug with a quote, bridal emergency kit including safety pin, clips, sanitary pads, sanitisers, journal, soy candle etc.

Bridal Gift Box

5. Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

One of the first things to-be bride shops for is a plethora of makeup. But how do think they should stash them? Help them organise their cosmetics by gifting them a cosmetic bag. A monogrammed cosmetic bag is a no-fail choice that will not only delight and make her feel it is true for herself but also proves purposeful for a long time to come.

Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

6. Flower Vase

A new bride is sure to receive a lot of bouquets at her wedding. Gift a beautiful and sophisticated vase that she can place at the centrepiece of her new home and show off her delightful arrangement of colourful flowers. This will also add to the aesthetics of her new place.

Flower Vase

7. LED Pillow Set

An LED pillow is the one that lights up and makes the bedroom arrangement all the more interesting. Help her keep up the spark with LED cushion set with pictures of the couple printed on each. The bedroom is bound to look more personal and love-filled.

LED Pillow Set

8. Jewellery Set

For every newly married, no amount of jewellery set will be enough, considering the number of get-togethers and dinner parties the couple needs to throw as a part of the process. Ease her load with your share of online gifts shopping for statement jewellery, which could be a contemporary necklace, a set of bangles or a pair of western ear studs. Make a chic addition to her bridal treasure trove that she can always count on even years after marriage.

Jewellery Set

9. Champagne Flutes

Help the bride celebrate her new beginnings with champagne flute glasses. This gift will not only mean a lot for the bride but for the couple too. This will help them celebrate not just the wedding milestones but many more beautiful and important dates to follow with a small set up at home and a clink of glasses.

Champagne Flutes

10. Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the safest options to spoil the recipient with the gift of their choice. You never know what a new bride might need, and you cannot come to rescue 24x7. So, give her a gift card and help her decide for herself what she needs the most for her new wedding.

Gift Cards

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the biggest days of a bride’s life. Make it grander with your thoughtful gifts for the bride and let her know she is too important to you.