Unique Gifts To Surprise Your Parents on their Silver Jubilee

Twenty-five years ago, your parents started their life journey high on love, happiness, and romance. Every dawn and dusk bought in a new challenge for them, which they faced with smiling faces because they had each other. Through thick and thin; storms and rains, they held each other like glue and paper. When your father was distressed; your mother’s arms were his place of solace. And when your mother tripped in the course of life, your father was her strongest pillar. That’s how they completed 25 years of togetherness and the journey of love, happiness, and support continues….

Surprises for Parents

You, their child is the most beautiful gift of their love and 25 years of marital bliss. So, it’s your moral duty to make their glorious moment worth cherishing forever. Every anniversary counts, but 25th is extra special. And, no one knows this better than you.

So, here we have outlined unique anniversary gift ideas for mom and dad to make their 25th marriage anniversary celebrations remarkable and memorable.

1. Heart-Shaped Flower Box

The room of your parents is adorned with a beautiful memory of your father proposing to your mom with a red rose. Why not give them a chance to relive their romantic moments once again? Order a heart-shaped flower box full of romantic red roses and secretly keep in their room (They may shy away to express love in front of their kids). Upon seeing the box being placed in their room, they will surely feel the love in the air; trust on this. Do not forget to add a message card with a special 25th Anniversary wish from you to them. Your words will do the desired magic!

Heart-Shaped Flower Box

2. Personalised Wall Decor

Gulaab Jamun is probably the most loved treat. Indeed, even individuals who are not much of a dessert eater, love Gulab Jamun. Cheesecake is a similarly well known western sweet. If you are looking to make a sweet that people will love, blending the most famous sweets of the East and the West will do the magic! Also, following a wrong recipe can turn the dessert into a horrendous one. So, make it right.

Personalised Wall Decor

3. FingerPrint Jewellery

From your days of childhood till present, you have always witnessed your parents walking hand-in-hand. And that’s one of the sweetest memories of your parents that you cherish and will do it forever. Capture all the swirls and details of your parent's finger in fingerprint jewellery, like silver rings or pendants; the anniversary gift for parents, they will adore beyond imagination. On your father’s ring or pendant get your mother’s fingerprints engraved and vice-versa so that they can be with each other in times when they are not together. Some bonds are unbreakable; just like the one shared by your parents.

FingerPrint Jewellery

4. Silver Cake Delight

It’s the lockdown season. If your parents’ anniversary is around the corner, plan a house party for them by decorating a table with rose petals, candles, and 25th Anniversary Cake. Make them exchange the garlands followed by cake cutting ceremony, champagne popping, and gracing them with love and gifts. You can either order online a cake for them or bake one yourself. Love and cake are the two celebration essentials one can’t ignore when it is about the 25th anniversary celebration of parents.

Silver Cake Delight

5. Engraved Name Plate

You would agree with us that a home is just a structure of walls without parents. Parents make home an oasis of happiness, comfort, and well-being. Embellish the abode of your parents with their signature and style by fixing a wooden nameplate engraved with their names outside the door of your home. A sweet and sentimental anniversary surprise for parents that will melt their heart into happy tears.

Engraved Name Plate

6. Handmade Journal

Wishing just a Happy 25th Anniversary Ma-papa won’t be enough. Pen down your heart for both of them in a journal. Yes, write down how their love is an inspiration for you. Describe beautifully the 25 glorious moments of their life that have made a special place in your heart. Speak of what makes them the world’s best couple and parents. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to shower your parents with praises and appreciation. Such a heartfelt token of gratitude and love by their child will leave them happy and proud.

7. Travel Tickets

Life has been busy for both of them. With the responsibilities of family and looming deadlines of the office, they hardly get time to unwind and travel. 25th Marriage anniversary calls for quality time with each other. It’s the opportunity that they should grab with open arms to disconnect with the world and connect. And, you will ensure they do by gifting them travel tickets to their favourite destination. Make all the arrangements for them in advance, and also book an anniversary cakes for parents.

Travel Tickets

8. Photo Books

Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart. And the treasured gifts as well. Let your parents relive all the golden memories and moments of the past 25 years by giving them a photo book. From their dating or marriage days till yesterday, enclosed in the book, every memory they made together that will last a lifetime.

Photo Books

So, these were the best and unique eight-anniversary gifts for parents; just like their bond. It’s their special day, so whatever you choose should narrate a story of their love and companionship. Which one are you going to choose for them?