10 Thoughtful Corporate Gifts your Employees will Actually Like

“A gift is never about need. It’s about thanking people.” - Lash Fary

Life gives us many special occasions and festivals to unwrap the happiness by unveiling a gift. From birthdays, anniversaries and festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc., the concept of generous gifting has been kept alive in almost every Indian soul. To strengthen the existing relationships or to build some new ones, gifting always seems like the perfect idea to impress or appreciate someone. But that doesn’t mean that special someone has to be from our family or is related to us through their blood. Some people are related by heart to us and are probably even closer to the ones who are related by blood to us. One such relationship is that of an employer and employee. The concept of corporate gifting isn’t new and has been in the trend since ages. Corporate gifts for employee really show that they are valued for their contributions and also urge everyone to stay focussed or motivated in order to fulfil their respective goals. Not just for your employees, these corporate gifts can be even treated as gifts for coworkers or colleagues, staff, clients, partners and other such people who make your corporate life worthwhile. While some choose to gift on foundation day or any festival, there are some employers who like to surprise their employees, every now and then with a token of gratitude just to thank them. So, check the list of some of the best corporate gifts for your employees that will actually be liked by them. Most of these are made available at your nearest gift store or various online platforms which offer premium quality corporate gifts in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and other parts of India. Take leads and start gearing to please your precious assets of the company. Without whom, you and your firm wouldn’t have come this far!

Corporate Gifts

1. Box Full Of Chocolates

It’s no new fact that chocolates make everyone happy. And a happy employee would be able to contribute towards your firm’s goals in the most efficient manner. So, pass a dose of serotonin and oxytocin in the form of passing happiness over a box full of chocolates to your employees. Spread smiles with confetti. Be kind and you will see the power of gifting.

Box Full Of Chocolates

2. Plant

If you as an employer want the best of all your employees then nothing better to appreciate them by passing them a blissful plant. As plants are considered to be a token of benevolence, hence something like this when extended as a corporate gift will absolutely be loved by your co-workers, employees and other staff..


3. Diary And Pen Set

No matter, how rapidly technology has been taking over every aspect of our lives, a diary and pet set still remains to be one of our necessities. To jot down the minutes of the meeting or the plan out the presentation thoroughly, a diary and pen make a great thoughtful corporate gift which comes handy for every employee.

Diary And Pen Set

4. Sanitisers And Wet Wipes

Sanitation and hygiene are one of the most important factors that every employer or firm must assure its employees of. Looking into this and also the global pandemic situation of COVID-19, sanitisers, wet wipes and surgical masks can make an excellent corporate gift. Something like this would really make-believe the employees that the firm really cares about them and their well-being.

Sanitisers And Wet Wipes

5. T-Shirt

We all understand the value of t-shirts when the summer arrives. A cool, comfy t-shirt wouldn’t just add up to employee’s wardrobe but also would act as a part of smart marketing the firm (when personalised). You can look for some reputed t-shirt stores online and get the t-shirts of good quality in bulk from them.


6. Tumblers/ Coffee Mugs

Often being so busy at work, employees forget the need or the importance of staying hydrated and at times staying caffeinated. A tumbler or a coffee mug seems like a great corporate gift option that quill be adored by every employee as they say “every good idea is discovered over a nice mug of tea/coffee or even water”.


7. Gift Card

They are family, no doubt but often we might face the dilemma of gifting something that they will end up genuinely liking. A gift card sounds like a perfect corporate gift to treat your hard-working bunch of office fellows. You can give them a gym membership even, if not a salon or an apparel gift card.

Gift Card

8. Flowers

Nothing seems to convey gratitude and all the wonderful feelings of the world more aptly than a bunch of beautiful flowers. Make flowers your token of love and see your employees bloom in happiness, seeing your kind act of gifting.


9. Scented Candle Set

We all know how tedious it becomes for all of us to go back home after a tiring day at work. And this is exactly what a soothing set of scented candles blesses you with. Your employees can go back home, have a nice meal and can take a long, nice rejuvenating bath to gain back their confidence and strength to work harder for the company, even the very next day. So, think of it!

Scented Candle Set

10. Tote Bags

Make their lives easier by gifting them a tote bag, which has got style as well as utility purpose attached to it. A spacious tote bag will help them become a bit more organised and can be treated as a grocery bag, gym bag, backpack or even as an efficient office briefcase substitute.

Tote Bags

So, this was all about top 10 thoughtful corporate gifts your employees would actually like. So, take leads from here and invest your money on something which will have a lasting impression on them.