Great Suggestions for Valentine's Day Cake

Impress your loved ones with a homemade and hand-decorated Valentine's Day Cake. Forget about spending your hard-earned cash at the grocery store or bakery; make it yourself! And to assist you, here are some valentine's day cakes ideas and tips. So, start baking!

valentine's day cakes ideas

Cake Shape:

Of course, you will want the cake in the shape of a heart. There are three ways to accomplish this.

1. Bake the cake in a heart-shaped pan.

2. For those who do not have such a pan, you can carve the heart from a round cake. Merely, place a heart template onto the cake and cut out the shape with a serrated bread knife.

3. Use two round cakes and add an extra one on the lower end and add dollops of frosting on top.

Cake Preparation:

Every grocery store sells a cake batter mix. The mixes that they sell are of pretty good quality. These cake mixes are cost-effective and easy to bake. Though these cake batters are good enough for single person consumption and use, these do not taste the same as that of a store-bought cake or professionally prepared cakes.

Cake Preparation

You might also doctor the mix up a bit, by adding a touch of flavour, using more eggs, or oil, and other condiments. If you are using a pre-prepared cake mix, just follow the directions off of the box while baking your masterpiece. Let the cake cool. And only then decorate it! If you are going to bake right from scratch and prepare the cake mix by following valentine's day cake decorating ideas and recipes.

Cake Decoration:

You do not need to be an artist to make the cake look remarkable. Ice the cake with your partner's favourite frosting. Do not buy icing from the grocery stores. It does not taste good and is too hard to whip.

Cake Decoration

So here is another great tip, purchase the necessary ingredients for the icing and whip up your professional-grade frosting. You have to get the essentials though to transfer and apply the frosting with the help of an applicator.

It is up to your creativity to do the rest. If you think you can use a pastry bag, buy a small one, and put some coloured icing (hopefully you will use red or pink) in it. Then write something on the cake that has meaning to your sweetheart. If that is the case, then just use the old "Happy Valentine's Day" wording, be creative. Here are some hints: "Be My Valentine" "Be Mine" "Hot Stuff" "Te Amo" "Hugs and Kisses" "You're so Sweet" and so on. Many people put their favourite candy onto the cake. Candy Making Supply stores also sell candy moulds. Go ahead make your candy too, and it is easy!

Select the favourite flavours of the season to spice up your valentine's cake and decorate it according to your choice.