Verify The Health Benefits Behind Consuming The Chocolate Cakes

Isn't it funny that sugar and other sweets are bad for your health while chocolate is exceptional? How funny is it to think that even cakes made out of chocolate could actually be beneficial to our health! It may seem ludicrous but indeed it is true. This delicious sweet delicacy that many of us craved and indulged in too frequently, could not possibly be so tasty and also good for our health. Read on to find out why you can most certainly buy cake online that is completely made of chocolate without any second thought.

 health benefits of consuming the chocolate cakes

Chocolate Cake is Good for Health: A Study

A recent 9-year research project, conducted by Harvard university school of medicine and Sweden's institute of environmental medicine, studied the eating habits of 32,000 women, ages 48-83. The goal of the study was to determine the effect of food consumption on heart failure rates. This interesting study was published online in march 2011 in the journal, Circulation: heart failure. A major conclusion is that chocolate cakes are good for the heart! It turns out that those women who ate a little bit of chocolate cake once or twice a week had actually a 1/3 lower heart failure risk. Those who ate chocolate flavored cake once or twice a month had some benefits but not as high as the others.

 Chocolate Cake is Good for Health

Is Chocolate The New Magic Food?

If the above statement is true, what are the health benefits that are attached to the consumption of chocolates? And, more importantly, are these the benefits of chocolate cake too? As it turns out, even chocolate flavoured cakes exhibit the same health benefits.

Chocolate The New Magic Food

Health Benefits Of A Chocolate Cake:

• Dilates blood vessels which lower blood pressure

• Inhibits clumping of blood platelets which reduces blood clots and strokes

• Improves blood flow to the brain for improved brain function

• Reduces blood sugar and insulin which lowers risk for diabetes

• High in antioxidants known to eliminate or stave off cancer

• Stabilizes and lowers cholesterol levels

In small amounts a few times a week, the chocolate cake may actually be beneficial. However, we need to focus on the entire diet, all the food that one is consuming in a given day and all week long. If the diet is high in processed foods, unhealthy oils, white processed flour, sugar, and chemically prepared foods, a few small pieces of the most healthy food on earth will not decrease the risk for any number of health problems.

 Health Benefits Of A Chocolate Cake

So, if you receive birthday cakes that are covered in dense and rich chocolate, it can be a spectacular coincidence and do you more good than harm. Choose a chocolate cake that is high in cocoa percent and low in sugar instead of a heaping portion of such a cake that has a high concentration of sugar and low cocoa. You might search to find the highest quality chocolate and preferably dark. And make sure to include a healthy amount of fiber, fruits and vegetables, water, and healthy oils in your diet. Then take out that small piece of healthy chocolate cakes and eat it with joy and pleasure and absolutely no guilt.