What are Perennial Asters, Their Benefits & How To Grow Them?

Asters are some of the most loved flowers to liven up the garden and indoor spaces during the late summer when most flowers fade. These plants are remarkable perennials with star-shaped flowers that produce nectar for pollinators. Easy to grow and maintain these flowers. You don't have to be a flower expert to grow them! In this post, we share what are perennial asters, the benefits and how to grow them?

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What Is Perennial Asters?

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Aster Flower Information:

- The name Asters is a Greek word meaning "Star". Because when the plant's flowers bloom, they resemble a star.

- Flowers are also known to symbolize love, wisdom, colour, and faith. Asters are flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family.

- There are around 170 species of asters found in Asia and Europe, which also come in a wide variety of sizes and colours to liven any space.

- They can grow up to 1,8 metres tall and 1,2 metres wide. They come in a variety of colours, from white, red, lilac, purple, and pink, to blue.

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How to plant & care for Aster, plants for home

Ways to plant Asters?

- Asters flowers can be grown from seeds or propagation (removing healthy sprouts from the parent trees).

- When growing asters from seeds, make a plant nursery with well-draining soil and place it in an area that receives direct sunlight.

- During the Springtime (between March and June), plant the seeds about an inch into the ground, gently cover them with a soft layer of soil and then water them thoroughly.

- You can make the nursery in your garden with propagated Aster plants.

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Note: Make sure that the soil is fertile! You can use compost or fertilizer. Aster plants are sensitive to excessive levels of moisture. The roots will rot, so avoid overwatering; always check the soil for moister before watering.

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How to care for Asters?

- Taking care of asters is quite an easy and rewarding experience. You get to enjoy the mesmerizing views while doing menial maintenance chores.

- Fertilize the soil at least once a month.

- Prune the asters during the early weeks of summer to make room for more growth. Remove weeds and rake up the soil to improve root and plant growth.

- Remove wilt flowers and branches.

- You must always observe the plant for any vulnerabilities like rust, leaf spots, snails, and powdery mildew.

- In three years, the plants will be ready to propagate. Expand your garden by replanting the sprouts in your garden since you know the best way to growing perennial asters.

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It's Benefits

Aster flowers are some of mother nature's gifts for all living things. They bloom in the late summer, when most flowers fade, which means that pollinators have flowers to stop by. They also provide food and shelter to many small birds and animals. The plants are also used for medicinal purposes.

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