What is Lumba Rakhi? Significance of Lumba Rakhi

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaching, there might be many questions in your mind that remain unanswered. For example, what is Lumba rakhi? What is Lumba rakhi meaning? And more importantly, what is the significance of Lumba rakhi?

What is Lumba Rakhi? Significance of Lumba Rakhi

Here, we will be addressing all of your queries about Lumba rakhis and their significance. But first, we need to take a look at the importance of the Raksha Bandhan celebration. The heritage of this festival can be traced back to Indian mythology where Indra’s wife Lakshmi had tied a rakhi thread on the wrist of the king Mahabali, thus, starting the ritual of tying this sacred thread in the name of brotherly love and protection. This has been the pivotal story that has made a significant impact on our culture, thus, giving birth to this holy custom. If you are interested in ‘Learning the Raksha Bandhan History’, click here to read our blog of the same name and get a thorough understanding of how rakhi festival came into existence and why it is considered so pure.

We have often heard the word Lumba rakhi but do you know lumba rakhi meaning? Well, Lumba rakhi is the rakhi that is tied around the wrist of Bhabhi or sister-in-law on Raksha Bandhan. According to the Marwari language, Lumba means bangles, so, this is a marwari culture that is now followed globally.

why Lumba rakhis came to be a popular choice

As for the importance of Lumba rakhis, they have a deep geographical connection to Rajasthan. Thus making it an important cultural heritage item. Traditionally, these rakhis originated from Rajasthan where the Bhabhi (sister-in-law) used to be honored by the tying of a Lumba rakhi. This has been a big part of their culture where the sister-in-law used to feel a part of the family with the gesture of rakhi tying. Unlike the other thread-based rakhis, Lumba rakhi online is quite different.

Lumba rakhis - dissecting the significance

Lumba rakhis - dissecting the significance

Now that you know why the Lumba rakhi came into existence, let us discuss the significance of this rakhi. After all, there must be a significant part these rakhis have played in the upkeep of traditions.

  • One of the reasons why Lumba rakhis came to be a popular choice in most households is the deep attachment and meaning it represents. As the sister-in-law’s wrist is adorned with a Lumba rakhi, she is made to feel an important part of the family. Thus helping in strengthening the overall ties she has with the other members of the family. This rakhi not only shows you bhabhi that she is a part of the family but also conveys that this is her home too.
  • The gesture of tying a Lumba rakhi also influences the married life she experiences with her significant other, your brother. Thus, enriching the relationship your sister-in-law has with your brother. Lumba rakhis not only bring families together but also channels as a healthy marriage facilitator.
  • Lumba rakhi shares a significant spiritual meaning - As this world is surrounded by the toxic environment for women, the Lumba rakhi brings joy, care, protectiveness, equality, sense of belonging, compassion, sisterhood and most importantly, your Bhabhi feels secure and happy in the surrounding she is in. This also signifies the longevity of marital happiness and protects the relationship.
Lumba rakhi also influences the married life

There are many different types of Lumba rakhis available in the market. Some come with a threaded string while many others are accessorised with charms on bangles and bracelets. You can take your pick from many different materials and colors depending on your and your bhabhi’s preferences. Many lumba rakhis come as a part of the rakhi for bhaiya bhabhi sets. Needless to say that these Lumba rakhis are complimentary to the bhaiya rakhis and in most cases matching to denote that they are a part of the couple. Now, after reading this entire blog, you must be aware of what rakhi for bhabhi is called. If you wish to send Lumba rakhi to your sister, you are welcome to browse our website for single Lumba rakhi sets too!

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