How did Raksha Bandhan start?

How did Raksha Bandhan start? That might just be the question in your mind.

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is ordinarily celebrated on the Shravan Purnima or the full moon day in the month of Shravan (August as per English date-book). The effect of the celebration is such that it got the consideration of the writing Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore as he advanced the occasion of Rakhi by leading Rakhi Mahotsava, the image of peace and amicability. He called upon to spread the message of fraternity all over through this celebration. The significance and centrality of the Rakhi celebration can be comprehended by the way it is praised in the diverse districts of India and is mainstream by various names.

How did Raksha Bandhan start

Thanks to the tradition and customs of India that it does have a festival for almost every relationship that a person shares in the family. The celebration of togetherness, the celebration of being one family is also celebrated in India.

It is basically the north Indian festival that is now celebrated all over the world to express emotions, love, and affection. On the day of the festival sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and both worship God for the well-being of each other. 'Aarti' and 'tilak' are done by the sisters which mark the celebration of the festival. In return, the brothers make the promise to take care of the sister under all types of circumstances.

Meaning and significance of Raksha Bandhan

In India, relationships have the essence of any celebration that holds a special place in India. Raksha Bandhan is the festival that celebrates the love and affection between the siblings and wishes for the happiness and goodwill of each other. The word 'Raksha Bandhan' means 'a bond of protection'. On this day brothers make promises to take care of their sister all through life. Brothers pray to god to protect her sister from all evil.

Meaning and significance of Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi Utsav was popularized by Rabindranath Tagore to promote the feeling of unity and commitment for all the members of the society to protect each other from evil and encourage harmony in the family.

Raksha Bandhan history

So how did the rakhi festival start?

The historical backdrop of Raksha Bandhan can be traced back to medieval times. Amid those times, the delicate string of Rakhi exemplified otherworldly holding between the kin. As indicated by a legend, Rani Karnawati (widowed ruler of Chittor) protected her district by sending a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun who was moved by the signal. The historical backdrop of India is loaded with such occasions where Rakhi spared the day for some as it started bonds or made the bonds more grounded than some time recently.

Rakhi celebration

Rakhi is celebrated to strengthen the relationship and the bond of love between the brother and sister that fosters brotherhood. This festival is not a ritual that can change over time but it can only change by the style and by the contemporary time. Before one month of the commencement of the festival many fancy and colorful Rakhis, even precious metals such as silver and gold rakhi, flood the market. Sisters shop for fancy Rakhis, cards, and gifts for their brother. They shop for new clothes and beautiful gifts especially for the ones whose brothers are staying far away. Similarly, a brother must choose a rakhi gift for sister that is thoughtful as well.

Raksha Bandhan history


According to the Indian tradition, the family members get ready early in the morning to perform the rituals. The people used to take a bath early in the morning to purify the mind and soul before the start of any preparations.

Adoration is communicated by the method for tying Rakhi on a sibling's wrist whereby the sibling assumes the liability of his sister's assurance. This convention has streamed through hundreds of years of traditions and customs.

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