What is the Meaning Of Pinata Cake and How To Make It?

There is a new cake on the horizon, and everyone seems to be fascinated by it. Yes, we are talking about the very famous pinata delicious cakes! These cakes are all the rage. And rightly so!

pinata cake recipe with hammer

Pinata cakes have been around for quite a long time, except that they come with a brand new twist added to them now. The first set of these cakes were baked like any other cake. Just that the cake’s center was hollowed out, and the inside would be filled with chocolates, sprinkles and other edible components. The top and sides of the cake were then coated with frosting and designed as per the baker’s choice. Here you will find an image that shows how these cakes used to be baked.

 pinata cake with hammer price

However, these cakes were not the most festive. To justify pinata cake meaning, these cakes have been modified to suit a more party-centric crowd ambience. Now, we have another alternative, which is pinata cake recipe with hammer. These cakes are the newer and cooler version of the traditional pinata cakes. And, may we say more fun to crack?! Yes, crack! You can indulge in these tasty delights without cutting the coating open as it is coated with a hard covering made of chocolate.

Thus making this pinata cake recipe super popular. In this blog, we will be listing out a recipe for home baking of a delicious chocolate pinata cake that sits well with chocolate lovers as well as party lovers!

 pinata cake meaning

The recipe:

Before we proceed to the recipe, here is the key point that makes pinata cakes so much fun and interesting: because you can smash it! Now let’s add a lot of drama and thrill to your party celebration with this scrumptious pinata cake with hammer price.

Just keep in mind that this delicious delight is packed with lots of chocolate and requires a bit of quick manoeuvring. You have to be quite well versed with the delicate art of baking too!

Key ingredients:


• An egg white


• 4 drops of lemon juice

Baking elements

• 7 cups of dark chocolate (molten)

• 1 and a half cups of sugar (powdered)


• 1/4 tsp vegetable oil


• 2 medium packs of Ferrero Rochers

pinata cake recipe


You can proceed to make alternate online vegan cakes for the base of the pinata cakes instead of chocolate or any other loose, crumbly filling. Many bakers prefer adding a small layer of cake and filling a layer of sprinkles or loose chocolate crumbles so that when you crack open the chocolate-coated layer, these goodies come spilling out.

Now, let’s get to baking!

Shop for a silicone mould that is foldable. If you do not have access to a silicone mould container, you could also make the pinata coating inside a stainless steel bowl. Ensure the shape is simple so that you can remove the hard chocolate pinata casing without damaging or breaking it. The alternative to the stainless steel bowl can also be a pudding basin.

1. Brush the insides of the container with a generous amount of vegetable oil. Once you have done that, place the container inside the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Melt the chocolate by cutting or breaking it into small pieces and microwaving it inside a bowl for 90 seconds with 30 second intervals, or use a double boiler (Bain-Marie) until it is completely molten.

3. Take the bowl or mould out of the freezer and pour the molten chocolate inside the bowl, turning it gently and spreading the molten chocolate evenly. Doing this will create an even layer. Use a spoon if necessary to press the uneven surface. Once this is done, put the bowl inside the freezer instantly for a solid 30 minutes. After this duration, take the mould out and check to see whether the chocolate has set or not. If not, then put it back inside the freezer and let it cool some more.

4. In the meantime, beat the egg white after separating the yolk with an electric mixer or a food processor until the mixture has foamed. You can also do this manually. Keep adding the powdered sugar gradually to this mixture. Add drops of lemon juice to it too.

pinata cake with hammer price

Now, the toughest part!

5. Take the mould out of the freezer and gently slide off the chocolate shell. This is where you will realise that a silicone mould comes in handy because it is foldable.

6. Once the chocolate shell is out, fill the shell with Ferrero Rochers. If at this point you wish to add other fillings to the pinata cake, you can add them. Mixing coloured chocolates or even white chocolate coated edible balls may be a great idea. Once you have readied it, place a plate on top of the shell’s opening and gently, very carefully turn it over.

7. Now this is the part to get creative. Decorate the cake as per your choice. You can add icing, drip chocolate syrup or any other add-on toppings.

Once you are done preparing this cake, you will never want to order half cakes or any other desserts ever again! Because of the delicious flavours and the satisfaction of baking a cake at home, even more so a pinata cake is much more scrumptious than anything else.