What to Gift on Anniversary to Parents/Grandparents?

“So many years have passed and it still feels like it was just yesterday that you guys tied the knot of love. The happiness and the love you guys share amongst yourself enhance our lives too and we, as your children look up to even having a loving, supporting partner like you both.” One can well imagine how special is to spend so many years together being happily married and in love. Anniversary of your parents or grandparents calls for celebration as these days, couples don’t seem to value love due to infidelity and other such personal reasons. And when we see a couple making efforts to keep up with the promise of staying committed lifelong, our hearts just melt into tears. Truly, setting a beautiful example of the purest kind of love in today’s generation dealing through the ups and downs is highly commendable. So, something like this calls for partying or celebration.

thoughtful anniversary gift ideas

Now, the question is what to gift your parents or grandparents to mark their togetherness. To answer this question, we have shortlisted a few gifting ideas that might be creative and thoughtful of you to gift them.

1. Personalised Gifts

Steal their wedding photo albums and get something personalised for them to cherish those golden memories in the years to come. You can find personalised night lamps, photo frames, cushions and side table showpieces easily customised to make them feel special.

customised calendar

2. A Musical Treat

Some couples feel that they have come this far because they have shared a common interest in music. So, if your parents or grandparents have a special connection with music, then treat them with a musical show at your town’s amphitheatre. But if you wish to make it cordial and skip sending them out, you can hire a professional guitarist to play some of those retro tunes to cheer them up. To book the latter arrangement, you can look through a wide variety of gifting portals online and choose which offers the best service.

Musical Treat

3. Matching Jewellery

If budget is not your biggest concern, then you can opt to treat your parents or grandparents with a pair of matching embellishment or jewellery, in simpler terms. There are plenty of jewellery shops online or offline offering a couple bracelets, watches or neckpieces to suit the occasion or anniversary. You can simply customise or personalise the jewellery as per your taste and budget. To add a personal touch, make sure to get their wedding date engraved along with their names on it.

couple bracelets

4. Couple Bar Glasses

No matter how many drinks they are shared during these glorious years of being married, they will surely end up liking it in a couple wine/whiskey/beer/champagne glass set. As owning something which has got a nice personal touch of their love makes it special, so does gifting a pair of couple glasses with their names or some special, quirky messages engraved on it does the magic.

customised couples bar glasses

Along with these any of these anniversary gifts, you can surprise them with an anniversary party to make this day even more memorable. Crossing such an important milestone together also calls for celebrating such an occasion with the ones who had got the couple’s back, like forever. So, inviting them over a glass of wine and some snacks would surely make the couple happy of their presence on their special day.

Tip: The anniversary party need not have to be extravagant rather a cordial one, surrounded with their close, loved ones will also do.

Let them experience the 24K magic of their love in the air! :)