Make your Anniversaries Special with Some Quirky Customized Gifts

Every year we plan to make special days for those who are close in our life, more special. This we do either by giving them a surprise anniversary party, by taking them out on a holiday or maybe just a simple date. Some people also amaze their loved ones with cakes, handmade anniversary cards, and gifts. Choose whatever you want but the love and affection DIY anniversary cards may give to someone special in your life, it would never be gained with anything else. And if this year you also plan to make an anniversary card for mom and dad or your partner, then you have landed in the right place.

quirky anniversary gifts

To ease your work and stress, here we are suggesting you some great anniversary card making ideas and gifting ideas that you can now make yourself!

1. Reasons Why I Love You

The very first idea of an anniversary card that is super cute and relatable is this one. Make a simple card and write ‘n’ no. of reasons as per the year you both have spent together or maybe 52 reasons (1 for every week) telling that why you Love that person.

Reasons Why I Love You gift

2. Popsicle Wishes

This marriage anniversary wishes card is a very easy way to express love and show your thoughtfulness to your loved ones. Simply buy some popsicle sticks, color them of your choice (or use them as they are), use a permanent marker to write your message on it.

popsicle sticks handmade card

3. Puzzle Love

Another cute idea for 25th-anniversary cards or better say puzzle that can be gifted and is easy to make. Take a printout of one or more picture (s) of both of you and at the backside of your photograph paste popsicle sticks and after the glue is properly dried, cut the picture as per the stick. You can write messages in the back and after that pile the sticks on each other and tie it with a ribbon and your quick gift is ready.

puzzle love gifts

4. Open When Letters

The most ancient type of love romances took wings by exchanging love letters only. So yeah, why not you also go for some letters this anniversary for your spouse? And to make it more interesting, make “Open When Letters” for occasions like birthdays, rainy days, lonely day, happy day, important day. The concept of these letters suits best to those who are in an LDR and cannot be there for each other on every big or small event. Give such a person in your life advance happy anniversary cards and make a mark.

open when letters gifts

5. Senses Hamper

Okay, so this one is again an easy one. We all give gifts to our lovelies on their special days but this time adds a twist to those regular gifts. Buy some Brown paper bags or make 5-6 paper bags for each sense, i.e., Hear, See, Touch, Speak, Smell and Taste. Keep gifts according to each sense in these bags like earphones or a recorded message (hear), a scrapbook or maybe a movie ticket (see), a dress or shirt (touch), perfume or scented candles (smell) and chocolates or any other food item (taste). So husband and boyfriends, need not worry much about the anniversary cards for wife or girlfriends, go for this combo.

paper bags for each sense

6. Every Hour Gift

This is something similar to the Sense Hamper but this time it is meant for every hour or every 2 hours or as per your wish and budget. Just wrap your already bought gifts 50th-anniversary cards for your parents. Put tags on each one of them as per the time you want your parents to open those gifts, hide them in different places of your house with a clue or maybe just put them all in a bag.

every hour gift

7. One Color Gift Hamper

Choose the receiver's favorite color and buy gifts of that color only. Like, say your partner is in love with Red color buy gifts that have red wrappers or maybe are red in color. You can include eatables too if you want and remember to keep all these in the theme color bag and please do not forget to wrap your gifts (if you are planning to) in the decided theme color wrapping paper. And tada, you are all good to go to gift this anniversary cards for husband as a perfect anniversary gift.

one color gift hamper

8. Name Hamper

Another super fun hamper which again quite easy and helps you buy the precise anniversary gifts for your loved ones. So, here is how it works. Buy gifts which start with the alphabet of your spouse’s name, say your spouse is named Alisha you can buy her an Air Ticket (A) for your vacations, next buy her a Lampshade (L) and so on. If you think the alphabet is a bit tricky, you can go for brand names with the same alphabet. Wrap the gifts with the tags of every alphabet and you are ready to amaze.

name gift hamper

That’s all for now, to get more such great gifting ideas, keep visiting the same space. And after all these ideas. You still think that you cannot DIY these, do not worry, FlowerAura got your back with some great and fancy gifting options. Go for the personalized gift items we are offering you and make moments special.