When is Rakhi in UK in 2023?

It’s 2023, and one of the most awaited Hindu festivals - Raksha Bandhan - is near. Across India, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm to honour traditions, rituals, and sibling love that make it so special. Every year, brothers and sisters all over the country eagerly wait for the rakhi festivities and take much pride in honouring them. It is India’s one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals that is commemorated in every Indian state. However, with the changing geographical boundaries and cultures, Raksha Bandhan has taken many forms over time. But, the message and spirit of celebrating it still remain the same across Indian cities.

When is Rakhi in the UK

Due to globalization, Indians have crossed national boundaries and have accepted foreign lands as their new homes. But they are still tied to their roots and hold their values close to their hearts. Indians residing in foreign lands commemorate Raksha Bandhan as we all do in India. Many sisters also send rakhi to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other international regions to their brothers and cousins to mark this festival. That’s why gifting portals have started offering International deliveries of rakhi and have brought people closer to their loved ones during such special moments despite the distance.

One of the countries with a vast population of Indians is the UK, with the number crossing millions. And the Indians living there carry the same excitement for Raksha Bandhan. After all, such festivities bring a sense of belonging and a hint of nostalgia for the time spent back home. And words can't describe the happiness one gets to relive festivals like Raksha Bandhan with their loved ones in a foreign land. So, it is only natural for people living in the UK to wonder, 'When is rakhi in the UK in 2023.' The same questions might be popping up in the minds of people who have their brothers, sisters, or cousins residing far away from their motherland, India, in the UK. So, if you want to know 'when is Rakhi in the UK', then the answer is 30th August 2023, Wednesday. On this day, the brothers who have received a rakhi from their loving sisters will tie it around their wrists, signifying a pledge to always protect her. And they will also send their token of love and appreciation to their sisters through online deliveries of Raksha Bandhan gifts.

when is Rakhi in UK

Hopefully, this blog puts your question regarding 'when is rakhi in the UK in 2023' to rest. Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival about the pious and unique relationship shared between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated by people from all walks of life and national identities, even foreigners, because it's all about love.