Where Can I Buy Gift Cards?

Everything about celebrations is fun, except coming up with a gift idea. Hunting a gift for the recipient is a debilitating task; especially for your closest ones. It is because you have been giving your dear and near ones gifts for God knows how many years, and every time you find yourself with no options. I have given him or her everything, now what? Secondly, you know their choices too well so unearthing a gift that matches their taste, the expectation is a bit difficult.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards

For all the ifs and buts, months of head-scratching, hours of scrolling the internet, and all the efforts put into finding a gift for best friend female, husband, parents, long-distance boyfriend, and every other person dear to your heart, the answer is a gift card!

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card containing a specific amount of money available for making purchases at different stores. There are two types of gift cards: open loop and closed loop card and can be used online and in person.

● Open Loop Card: It is a general-purchase card, which can be used anywhere and at any brand store.
● Closed Loop Card: It can be used only at specific retail stores.

Then, the advancement of technology paved the way for Digital gift cards. Digital gift cards are also popularly known as egift cards, mobile gift cards, and virtual gift cards sent to the recipient through Email, SMS, Whatsapp, or through other smartphone applications.

Gift Card is an exemplary gift to give the recipient of any age, gender or relationship because it gives the receiver the flexibility and freedom to buy whatever they like. Also, every gift card comes with a minimum and maximum initial loading amount, thus giving you the liberty to add value as per your pocket allows.

Where To Buy Gift Cards?

You can buy gift cards from:
● Online gifting portals
● E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart
● Gift card websites like Woohoo, Zingoy, evoucherindia
● Retail stores
● Online shopping websites
● Mobile apps or brand gift cards like Paytm

Along with a gift card, give your special one a keepsake gift like greetings cards with handwritten messages to make them feel adored.