Why 90's Valentine's Day Celebrations Are Still A Dream For Many?

Whoomp, it’s the love-filled Valentine’s Day around the corner. No denying that pretty much had transformed since the school days. Valentine's day celebrations are pretty much transformed now. Admitting to the hearty fact that Valentine’s Day still carries a special place in the heart of every Millennial, despite so many changes in the way it is celebrated today. Valentine Day celebration in the 90s was pretty stress-free as there was no pressure to showcase love-life on social media.

90's Valentine's Day Celebrations Dream

However, it is impossible to go back to those 90s traditions while celebrating the day of love; we can’t deny that when the 14th of February rolls out, an itty-bitty part of us wants to dive into the dreamy celebrations that are famished with that golden era. You must wonder how that era and Valentine’s Day traditions were so special.

Let’s read out here!

Writing Love Letters

celebrate love by writing love letters

Nowadays, lovebirds tend to stress over writing a simple love text. The mere thought of penning down their emotions on paper does not amaze them a bit. In the 90s, writing love letters and notes was the most romantic gesture we miss today. Valentine’s Day celebration was not considered to be completed without exchanging love letters. However, the love letters were decorated with glittery hearts and coloured pens. Romantic love letters are still one of the best Valentine day gifts ever.

Glorious 90s Indipop

celebrate valentine with glorious 90 Indipop

Press play and dive into the nostalgic lake of innocent love. The beauty of 90s music is simply incomparable. We still groove to the melodic indipop songs and wish we could travel back to that era. Valentine’s Day was cooler in the 90s as people tended to express their feelings with heartwarming songs. Who can forget about the cute “ Aankhon mein tera hi chehra, dhadkan mein teri hi yaadein,” song by Aryans featuring young Shahid Kapoor? The heart-melting song was enough to express the love.

Expressive Greeting Cards

celebrate valentine with expressive greeting cards

No expensive gift can tickle the heart of your partner like an expressive greeting card. If you grew up in the 1990s, you must be familiar with the craze of hearty greeting cards. Back then, the Archies stores were loaded with pompy gifts and greeting cards in hues of pink and green. The aura of such gift stores and greeting cards is missing in today’s fast-paced life, where we express ourselves with memes. Back in the 90s, there were typical love-themed greeting cards and people used to be so excited to unfold the adoration in the form of those cards.

Recording mixtapes for crush

celebrate valentine with recording mixtapes for crush

Songs have always been the easiest way to convey hearty emotions. Today we can share Spotify lists to share songs with the one we love, but back in the 90s, it was a wholesome task to curate songs and record them the same for a lover. Mixtapes were simply a height of romance those days. The efforts and the time in creating a mixtape to make your crush know how you feel about them is a thing we miss today! People used to surprise their significant other with a mixtape comprising their favourite love songs, plus Valentine flowers to woo them straight.

Conversation Hearts

celebrate Valentine with conversation Hearts

“Say Yes.” “ Love You.” “ Be Mine.” Nothing cues Cupid’s lovey arrival like the tiny conversation hearts. Feel the flavour of the 90s with expressive candy hearts. Conversation Hearts have been a slice of lives for more than 100 years, and you can easily find a plethora of people embracing a memory of gifting them in their childhood or utilising them to make a charming gesture for their crush. They're a classic yet trendy candy, symbolising love or vowing sweet petite notes to anyone. They are almost like a history of valentine's day that still tickles every love emotion.

Wishing Valentine’s To Everyone

wishing valentine's to everyone

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate valentine day? It is the day of love that is not restricted to lovers only. Harking back to the '90s, allowing out Valentine's Day cards wasn't anything like a big deal. If you planned to give a card to one individual, you needed to give it out to the whole class so no one would feel left out. Today, giving out heart-formed greeting cards to the whole office or anyone you adore is embarrassing. You would be stressed over how individuals would interpret the gesture, and whether they would add something extra to the message on the card. Valentine’s was for everyone, and people tend to pamper family and friends with hearty surprises.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the most dreamy 90s things we crave to witness on Valentine’s Day. If you want Valentine’s Day celebration ideas, just go for a 90s-style celebration.