Why Do Flowers Have Smell

Do you love flowers? That’s not even a question, because we all adore flowers. But why? Unblemished beauty and sense arousing aroma are the prime reasons. And here comes the vital question to which we all have been searching for an answer. Why do flowers smell?

Without taking much of your time, we will give you the answer backed by scientific facts.

Answer: To your eyes and soul, they are creepy crawlers and pesky little critters barging in your garden. For flowers, it is their lifeline. The pretty blooms pin their hopes on bugs, insects, and even animals to spread their pollen(reproduce), to communicate with other plants, and to attract food. This is one of the key reasons flowers emit pleasing scents to lure the insects and animals.

Why Do Flowers Have Smell

The fragrance of the flower signals to the pollinators that the plant is ready to be fertilized.

Again, this answer gives rise to a question: why do different sweet-smelling flowers have different fragrances? Well, science has got this covered as well.

Answer: It is said that “we attract what we need.” Flowers swear by this rule! To attract the right pollinator, flowers produce different smells. Every pollinator is enticed with a particular smell so it becomes imperative for the flower to effuse scent that draws their specific target to them.

  • Sweet smells allure the honey bees, therefore they are often found buzzing near swirled roses.
  • Bats and moths pollinate the pale scent produced by nicotiana, jasmine at dusk or nightfall.
  • Not all flowers secrete pleasant scents, there are a few with unpleasant odours, and beetles and blow-flies pollinate them.

Mostly, the petals of fragrant flower produce a sweet smell. However, it is said, it’s all about the chemicals whereas the royal orchids have a special pungent organ just for tempting the pollinators.

From the top note of ylang-ylang, wine notes of roses, to lemony touches in magnolia, flowers render fragrance that fascinates not only the insects but also humans. Remember, we asked you the prime reason why we treasure flowers? Its aroma was one of the reasons.

Now, when you have answers to all your questions, why not revel in the glory of best smelling flowers.

1. Evening Primrose

The book “ Anatomy of Rose” by Sharman Apt Russell unveils the inner life of evening primrose that follows the four clock. It means it opens at sunset exuding sweet smells for attracting bumblebees, honey bees, hummingbirds, and moths.

Evening Primrose

2. Lilies

The trumpet flowers blossoming in showy colours have a sweet smell strong enough to attract pollinators miles away. Due to the eye-catchy form and sense invigorating scent, lilies are touted as the best flowers online for intoxicating the person with the sweetness of love.


3. Wax Flower

The botanical name of this flower is Chamelaucium. Having creamy white flowers with a pink centre, the bulb produces lovely aroma when crushed that is stronger at night. The oil glands are responsible for diffusing pleasant perfumes, thus drawing insects towards the flower.

Wax Flower

4. Moon Flower

A climbing vine that offsprings pristine white flowers. The flowers have an overpowering scent that is pleasing and will enliven all the six senses in no time. Also, the flowers proliferate in large numbers covering the trellis in seconds.

Moon Flower

5. Ylang Ylang

The scented yellow flowers of the Cananga tree. The smell of this flower is rich, deep with notes of rubber and custard; bright with hints of jasmine and neroli.

Ylang Ylang

We can sense that you are craving for an arrangement of scented flowers. Aren’t you?