Why Do We Celebrate Pongal?

The beginning of the New Year calls for a vast number of celebrations which Indians keep looking forward to the remainder of the year. The four days long Pongal - harvest festival, holds an extraordinary value for the individuals of Tamil Nadu. Generally, it is a day to thank and welcome the Sun God for assisting in developing crops by providing the required sunlight as the farmers’ income depends on it. The Pongal Day celebration is kicked off by heating the clenched rice of the harvest, which is blessed by the Sun.

pongal celebration

History of Pongal

Pongal celebrations date back to 2,000 years old as proof proposes that it was initially celebrated during the medieval Chola Empire days. Generally, it is a day to appreciate and thank the Sun God for aiding in developing crops by giving vitality to its development as the farmers’ job relies upon it. Pongal is commended on the third day of the Tamil month Thai. It is one of the most significant celebrations for the Hindu families in Tamil Nadu that is observed for four days with incredible excitement. Pongal is likewise the name of a dish that is made on this occasion.

honed horns of bulls

The legend goes that once Lord Shiva sent his bull, Basava, to earth, ordering it to get an oil back rub and bath each day and to eat once per month. But Basava was indiscreet and consumed every day and had an oil bath once per month. Shiva got furious with outrage and sentenced Basava to remain on earth, plough the fields and help humankind in developing nourishment. Thus, a great significance is joined to cattle in this celebration.

When is Pongal in 2020?

Pongal is a four-day affair. This year in 2020, the festival will commence from 14 January and ends on 17 January. These are the dates for the four types of Pongal

Bhogi Pongal/Sankranti Pongal 14 January 2020 (Tuesday)
Surya Pongal 15 January 2020 (Wednesday)
Mattu Pongal 16 January 2020 (Thursday)
Kaanum Pongal 17 January 2020 (Friday)

At the time, when is Pongal celebrated by the people in Tamil Nadu, they decorate their houses, bring some new utensils, old things are burnt, and there is a refreshing vibe all around. As the festival progresses, a funny activity is also conducted. Packs of coins are attached to the honed horns of bulls that are allowed to roam freely in an open ground. Youngsters of the town strive with one another to defeat the bull and get the bags attached to the horns.

mattu pongal

Celebrate Pongal 2020 with your Dear Ones

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Hope, this clear up things about Pongal. Happy Pongal to you all!