Why do Women look at the Moon Through a Sieve?

Soon it will be that time of the year when in India, all the Hindu married women could be seen in the best of their colors and Shringaars. This is so because it is the time of Karwa Chauth, that festival which plays an imminent role in any married couple's life. This festival is a day affair where according to Indian culture and tradition, married women fast without food and water till the time, Mr. Moon comes out. This ritual has been followed by 100’s of our generations so far and would continue in the future as well.

Woman look at the Moon Through a Sieve

Also, the celebrations of this festival require quite a few things that are needed. In case you have forgotten to make the preps of the festival, then you here's a simple way to tackle it, i.e., Karva Chauth pooja thali items online. Now that all your Kava Chauth essentials are sorted, come let us know more about this one-day fasting.

The importance of whole-day fasting meant for the long-life of the husband. Certain more rituals and customs are related to this festival like having Sargi given by one’s mother-in-law, worship of God idol and Karwa Chauth story-telling during the worship process. Further, during the night, after the Moon is out, women pour some Sacred Jal before the moon, do the Aarti and look at the moon through a sieve with a burning Diya inside it.

Woman Praying on Karwa Chauth

If you are a first-timer for this fasting or even if not, then you might have somewhere asked yourself or maybe relatives and friends as well about the logic and reason behind looking at them through a sieve! If it is so, then this blog would certainly be of your interest, as here are some facts and logic and reasons behind looking the moon through the sieve.

Karwa Chhauth Pooja Thali

As per some sources, the Moon of Karwa Chauth is that of Kartik (a month as per Hindu Calendar). This moon is said to be the form of Lord Shiva and his son Lord Ganesha. To worship the moon on this day means worshipping our deities and you cannot look at them straight, in their eyes on auspicious occasions. This is the reason that during puja, women seek their veil in respect to their elders.

Pray on Karwa Chauth Looking at the Moon

Whereas other belief says that the moon of Kartik emits some harmful rays, the moment it sets up. And due to full-day fasting, every woman worships the moon the very moment when it is out. So, as to save your eyes with those harmful rays and to seek filtered light and Godly blessings, sieve remains an important part of the list of Karva Chauth thali items.