Gifts for the Husband who Loves to Drink

Cling a toast to your husband by raising the bar in finding the perfect gift for him. Of course, you can get him a special gift, based on what kind of alcohol he drinks, be it beer, whiskey, or wine, and he will appreciate it even more. Here is a list of some interesting gifts for your boozy husband.

 A Toast To Your Husband

Whiskey Decanter

Is your husband a sophisticated man? Does he love a bar of his own? A decanter will be the best gift for husband. Be it any occasion birthday or anniversary, a decanter is an exceptional piece. It will look as cute as the new center in the dining room or its home bar. He can store any type of liquor from tequila to bourbon and use it to serve a round of drinks to his guests on casual or special occasions.

Decanter Gift Set

Whiskey Stones

Does your husband keep going to the fridge to refill the ice bucket? Does he find it a task? Whiskey stone is a better way to keep your drink cool than using a bucket of ice. You can sip your drink at your own pace, without worrying that it will fall. They are also reusable as when you are finished put them back in the freezer and they will be fully set for next time.

Whiskey stones

Wine Pearls

When drinking white wine, commonly, you can drink it very fast, until it starts heating up. Why not give him a chilling experience in the comfort of his room? Wine pearls! Yes! these beads are made of stainless steel, so you freeze them and then pour them into the glass, keep it cool without adding water. This means that you will get the taste of the wine without adding any water and without any flavoring effect.

Wine Pearls

Bathtub Wine Holder

Does your husband love to have a drink after a shower? Well, unwind his long day and gift him something that he will love. A bathtub glass holder is a perfect solution to have a nice bath while he sips his favorite wine or Whiskey. Instead of trying to balance the glass on the verge of the tub, it allows you to easily keep it within arm's reach while enjoying a delicious hot bubble bath.

Bathtub Wine Holder

Personalized Whiskey Glass

When you get drunk, it becomes difficult to know which glass is yours. But when you have these personalized chalkboard drinking glasses, you can write the name of each person on them. And after you wash them they are ready for reuse.

Personalized Whiskey Glass

Drop Shot Game

If your husband loves to play while he is drinking, then this drinking game can be the element of surprise. You can fill the bottle with whatever beverage you like, whether it is tequila or tomato juice, wine or water, it is completely your choice.

Drop shot-the game

Liquor Savior

Most of the time, when you open a glass beer bottle, it is a race against the clock before it gets hot. These bottle caps are made of silicone and can form a tight seal on the top of your beer bottle so that you can drink it at your leisure without feeling the need to drink it before it gets hot.

Liquor Savior


This is a refrigerator designed to hold your keg, and also to remove it from the top. It transforms your home into a fully functional bar, capable of serving ice-cold beers from the tap.


Bar Book

If your husband not only loves to drink alcohol but is also fond of making his kind of drink, then this book is a perfect gift. All you need to know about mix drinks and instructions for making over 1,000 different cocktails are included in this book.

Bar book

Cognac Gift Set

There is nothing like a hot glass of brandy and a cigar from a fire. You can both enjoy a glass of your favorite brandy after a romantic dinner with two glasses. This would be an excellent birthday gift for husband. Be sure to include a bottle of your favorite cognac for a truly stunning gift.

Cognac Gifts

So raise the bar on gift shopping for husband and find one of these interesting gifts from FlowerAura.