Gift Ideas For Husbands: Break The Stereotypes

Do you know, the thread that binds Indians together? Well, it’s the shared love for beliefs like blue for boys and pink for girls; males are born to manifest machismo and females frailty; he is meant to work outside the boundaries of the home, and she is restrained even within the boundaries and many such bizarre thoughts. In the English linguistics, these are stereotypes.

Gift Ideas For Husbands

“A stereotype is a belief about something that has been there for generations.” And India attracts a lot of stereotypes. Somewhat, it is the land of stereotypical behavior and thoughts. There are more such stereotypes related to gifting. Like gadgets for Him and jewelry for Her, cars for Him and dolls for Her watches for Him and nail color for Her. And when you browse Gifts for husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or any other man in your life, you are welcomed with such, traditional ideas.

But, we believe that millions love to defy and break stereotypes of gifting. And for such liberated souls and minds, here are the Gifts ideas for husband on valentine's day, birthday or anniversary, choices which are unconventional and represent the contradictions in a dignified manner.

1. To the one who Loves Cooking

Yes, we know women are supposed to cook and serve according to Indian culture and traditions. But, India is also the land of contrasts, and therefore, the best chefs are males. If you have a husband who enjoys culinary art and is a connoisseur, then for his birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion you can gift him a cooking class pass where he can hon his skills or you can give him a personalized apron for lending your personal touch to the gift.

Gifts For Cooking Lover

2. To the one who Loves Color and Fragrance

For centuries, flowers have been considered the ideal gift for women because their tenderness symbolizes feminine allure. But as we said, many people love to go beyond those preconceived notions, and so, they can gift flowers to their husbands. Believe us, your husband will appreciate you. Men too, love to be surrounded by color and fragrance. With the evolution of time, males have shown their affinity towards pretty blooms. Orchids, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums can be presented to them. For Valentine’s day, you can get these organized in a heart-shaped box to say I Love You to him.

Fragrance Gifts for Husband

3. To the one who Loves to Stay Stylish

Whenever you have to shop gifts for him, what are the options that pop in your mind? Be honest, please! Something like watches, cufflinks, tie, shirts, etc…? Have you ever thought of broadening your gifting boundaries? Perhaps no. This time, give him gifts like accessories (zodiac bracelet), a set of custom-made handkerchiefs, cap, jewelry pieces (chains), etc. because his style statement is trendy and stylish.

Trendy Style Gifts

4. To the one who Loves Dessert

Oh, chocolate is gender-specific? Like this one for boys and that one for girls? We know, half of you are laughing, half of you are shocked, and half of you are still trying to analyze what has been said. Well, many of us have been gifting chocolates to girls and not boys, for reasons unknown. Dessert is a thing to be relished and enjoyed, irrespective of gender and age. Next time, you want to gift your husband a perfect valentine day gift, go for a handmade chocolate box or choco bouquet, because he loves chocolates more than he loves you. :P

Chocolate Gifts

To The One Who Likes Personalised Gifts

Men love getting personalised gifts, especially if they're from their wives or girlfriends. A personalised gift shows that you took the time to put thought into it and really pay attention to what he likes and dislikes. A great example would be a Personalised photo clock, LED cushion, mug, photo frame, and more. They are unique and special, which makes them perfect for any occasion. You can get Personalised gift ideas for husband that have something about your relationship or his sole picture. It might be something like a picture of the two of you together or your initials. Take a look at online gifts store as they offer the best personalised items.

skincare for husband

To The One Who Likes Personalised Gifts

If your husband is a man who loves to pamper himself with skincare, then this will be among the best gifts for husband. It will help him get rid of all his skin problems and keep him looking young and handsome. For the man who loves taking care of his skin, try giving him a facial kit or a spa gift basket. These are great if you're not sure what type of product he likes using on his face; they come with several different types of products in one convenient package. Trust us, getting skincare items will surely be among the best gift ideas for husband. Skincare products are for everyone, let’s normalise it!

Personalised Gifts for husband

It’s time to break stereotypes!!

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