Why Indoor Plants Leaves Turn Brown - 3 Reasons

People love having the touch of natural green in their indoor spaces such as homes and offices. It is such a divine habit that we hope everyone gets used to it so that earth can be greener and greener with every passing day.

why indoor plants leaves turn brown

But keeping the indoor plants in good health and shape isn’t easy. And that fact is justified by the high number of queries asking why indoor plants' leaves turn brown and many other indoor plant-related problems.

Every green thumper out there gets to face the issue of leaves turning brown for his/her indoor plants. And the number of people adopting plants for their indoors is decently increasing which makes the problem a genuine concern and a topic to spread some knowledge about.

Saving the leaves from turning brown can be achieved only when the reason for leaves turning brown are identified.

Even after lots of your time and effort that you put into caring for your plants, it is frustrating to see that charismatic green of the leaves go away. Here, you will get to read the most common reasons indoor plants turn brown.

Are you watering your indoor plants inconsistently?

Water is the source of health for living beings and thus for the plants too!. If your indoor plants are facing the problem of brown leaves, then you surely need to rethink the way you water them. Watering the plant too much at once and then letting the soil dry too much before the next watering session acts as an invitation for brownish leaves. Many make that mistake by thinking that it will help them save their time. One of the best ways to water most of your indoor plants is to water consistently - water enough to wet the soil till the water comes out of drainage soil, and next watering should be done when the top 1 inch of the soil feels dry to touch. If you don’t have enough time to care a lot, you can use self-watering pots.

why indoor plants leaves turn brown

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Is there a lack of humidity in the area your indoor plants sit?

Humidity is something that irritates humans too, and it does the same thing with plants. If the leaves of your plants have started turning brown, then it is an indication that there is too little moisture in the air. You can try giving your indoor plants a dose of daily misting to help them with moisture. Another trick that you can try is to keep the pot on a layer of pebbles filled in a shallow tray with water just above the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it will create a humid micro-environment that will keep leaves green and young.

why indoor plants leaves turn brown

Check if there is salt build-up in the soil.

A brown lead is surely not welcomed, and if you just noticed some leaves turning brown, then it is time for you to check if there is a build-up of salts in the soil. A build-up of salt in soil can happen due to overuse of fertilizers or from softened water. A sign of salt build-up is the visibility of whiteness on top of the soil. To avoid salt build-up and leaves turning brown, start using distilled or filtered water instead of softened water. And when it comes to fertilizers, do not overfeed your indoor plants.

why indoor plants leaves turn brown

Look into the reasons closely and try your best to solve them to keep your green pets healthy and green. Buy online plants after listing the plants that are best to survive in your native environment.