Why is Digital Gifting Essential?

Gifts-- tokens extended to bless the recipient with appreciation, love, and happiness. Gifting is deep-rooted in all the cultures. However, changing times call for changing gifting customs and traditions. It’s the digital age! So, why should gifting be non-digital?

Today and Future belongs to digital gifting, and we can’t keep calm but scream in excitement. Aren’t you? In the layman language, digital gifting or online gifting as it is popularly known is a practice of sending and receiving gifts online with the aid of technology. For a better understanding, picture these words in your head, like you send emoticons, messages, videos, and for that matter any multimedia attachment on Whatsapp or via mail. Similarly, you can send digital gifts of caricatures, greeting cards, videos online to someone using these internet aided mediums. E gifting is another widely used term for digital gifting.

Essense of Digital Gifting

Now, why is digital gifting essential? We will be answering from both the customer and the business point of view.

User Perspective:

1. Convenience

Digital gifting is far more convenient and comfortable than non-digital gifting. This gifting service eliminates the hassle of standing in long queues at gift shops, manual delivering of gifts, etc. E-gifting allows you to order and send gifts within a click at the comfort of your home or office. You just have to click; your gift will be delivered at the designated web address. . It also saves you time and effort in stepping out of the homes.

2. Affordability

E-gifts are affordable! By spending a titular amount of say Rs. 100 or 400 you can send your vote of Thanks, or you can say I Love You with digital gifts in no time. The only task is to find an online gifting platform assisting the customers with cost-friendly digital gifts. These gifts do not demand manual delivering; thus saving you a few shipping bucks. So, under 500 INR, you can send a gift. Now, that’s quite doable.

3. Suitability

More often than not, we are often concerned about the suitability of a gift for a particular occasion, recipient, and gender. Such thoughts and doubts are inapplicable to the domain of online gifts. E-gifts are suitable for every occasion, gender, and relationship. They are made to fit every occasion; to make every recipient smile, and are unisex.

4. Personalisation

Digital gifts have covered this area as well. Yes, you have the option to personalize E-gifts with texts, pictures, song, name of the recipient given the nature of the gift. In most scenarios, gifts are subject to personalization. If it is not, you have other benefits which make them equally excellent options that you can’t ignore.

5. Variety

Digital gifts very well know that variety is the king of the gifting industry. Therefore, they bless you with this virtue, as well. Variety of digital gifts exist. E gift voucher, E-videos, E- caricatures, Guitar on call, app games, musical gifts there are good choices and options for you all.

Business Perspective:

  • High Future Demand and Growth
  • Increased Customer Traffic
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Better Consumer Response
  • Cost
  • Attraction of new customers

Types of Digital Gifts:

1. E-greeting cards

The gift of emotions and feelings is the best gift that you can give to someone. Digitally, E-greeting cards are the means to convey your message beautifully. Because of the pictures and text, they also make for feasible and amazing options of return gifts online.

E-greeting cards

2. E-Caricatures

Lend to gifting tradition a humorous vibe over E-caricatures. Pictures of the recipient sent to them in a funny, cartoon avatar is sure to tickle their funny bones right away.


3. E- Musical Gifts

Sway the heart and soul of the receiver over musical digital gifts such as Guitar on call, Flute on call, pianist on call, violinist on call, saxophone on call. How does this gift work? The musician plays a song for the recipient on behalf of the sender as per the mood and occasion.

E- Musical Gifts

4. E-Videos

E-videos are composed of electronic messages, photographs, and song in a motion picture making the experience of gifting more delightful for both sender and receiver.


5. E-gift cards

Digitized version of giving shaguns. Egift cards online are digitized money or e-cash points that the recipient can redeem or spend to buy gifts for oneself. This gives the recipient liberty to shop tokens of their choice.

E-gift cards

6. E-Scan gifts

Wish and scan. Scan the code sent by the sender to decode the treasured gift and message.

E-Scan gifts

7. E-posters

Decorate the memory wall of the recipient's mind and phone gallery with an E-poster designed with photographs, name, and best wishes.


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