Why Should You Gift A Lucky Bamboo Plant To Your Loved Ones?

A thoughtful gift of the Lucky Bamboo plant for the office or home can help to increase wealth luck, success luck, health luck and overall prosperity. Modern science has found strong evidence that bamboo plants can purify the air; natural negative ions work as stress buster and deodoriser. Bamboo plants are lucky, indeed. Also known as Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo is thought to bring good fortune and luck to its owners. This is why you see it mostly in offices and homes of people in Asia, especially in China and Japan. Its popularity among the Chinese and Japanese does not just stop at bringing good luck, though. So, here are seven reasons or benefits why you should gift a lucky bamboo plant to your loved ones.

Why Should You Gift a Lucky Bamboo Plant To Your Loved Ones

1.Positivity at home

The lucky bamboo is a famous plant that you can decorate your home with. It is trusted to bring good luck and fortune to people. If you buy or see this plant in your house, you will have good business luck. Lucky bamboos bring good luck and fortune. They are even treated as sacred plants in many Asian countries and bring positive energy to the house. Some lucky bamboo plants are great to display in your living room or house front door.

Positivity at home

2.Good luck charm

The Lucky Bamboo Plants bring Good luck charm and are the best idea to bring good fortune, success & prosperity in the lives of your family and friends. You can pamper your loved ones by gifting them this exclusive lucky bamboo plant arrangement for office pooja, home décor and corporate gifting as well. The lucky bamboo plant is a water plant that belongs to the family of Dracaena. It is widely known as a decorative plant with a unique ability to bring good luck and prosperity. As a living symbol of joy and happiness, it is now preferred as a gift among Chinese people for several festivals or occasions such as the Chinese New Year, weddings, births, funerals, housewarming parties and business opening ceremonies.


Bring the serene look of nature into your home with a Lucky Bamboo plant. This intriguing houseplant brings balance and harmony to any space, further enhanced by its bright green colour and soothing, woodsy scent. Lucky bamboo plants are a natural way to bring good fortune into your home.


4.Aesthetic Design

The Lucky Bamboo plant symbolises good fortune and wealth to Asian culture, regardless of whether the plant is rooted in the ground or a pot. The roots of a lucky bamboo tend to grow very long to connect to the water source underneath. These waters bring up nutrients and energy from the earth that naturally accumulates in the leaves. This natural process develops into the beautiful white and green stripes that are wrapped around bamboo stalks. Unlike other indoor plants, you can manipulate the bamboo plants with ribbons into curls, braids, or twists. The bamboo plant grows in the direction of the sunlight.

Aesthetic Design

5.Purifies Air

The Bamboo plant is known as a natural air purifier. There is also an easy way to brighten up your home or office without making a mess of anything. It is essential to observe that it is best to place the plant in a low traffic area, as direct sunlight can burn the leaves, and they prefer plenty of water, so be sure to regularly check on it to see how dry the soil is.

Purifies Air


You will love how this bamboo braves the elements, growing happily indoors or outdoors. Because bamboos grow so quickly and can reach over ten feet tall, they make a great ornamental plant to display in your home or office. The lucky bamboo's variegated leaves, stems, striped rods, and its patterns (like twists, curls, etc.) add an appealing look to your rooms where you place it.


7.Easy to grow & maintain

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants globally. As a perennial plant, it is also drought-tolerant, making it an excellent choice for indoor plants. Lucky bamboo is grown with only two to three watering per week as it can survive periods of several days without water. They can grow under fluorescent or LED light as long as they are within 10’ distance from each other for optimal growth.

So, here are some reasons why you should gift a lucky bamboo plant to your loved ones. Bamboo Plants are one of the most exciting plants in existence. The Lucky Bamboo Plant, like all plants, is a member of the plant kingdom and are categorised as angiosperms (flowering seed plants). So, when you want a gift delivery in Pune for a loved one, lucky bamboo is going to be the perfect gift.