Winter Flowers In India

Are you looking for plants that you can simply grow in cold temperatures without worries? Find out the winter flowers in India here! Winter is around the corner, with temperature variations in southern states to northern Himalayan regions. Flowers are one of the best traditional gifts to express the deepest feelings and emotions. With the best winter season flowers, there is always something to love and smile. Surprise your loved ones at the ding of their doorbell with an aromatic bouquet of flowers. In this post, we share some of the best winter flowers in India. Read on.

Winter Flowers In India


Also known as pot marigold, the Calendula flowers thrive in cold climatic conditions. They can also handle hot temperatures and endure sunlight. They produce beautiful, yellow-orange flowers that augment the warmth of interior spaces.

Calendula Winter Flowers


The Petunia flowers are some of the most common plants in every enthusiastic gardener’s collection. They are perennial plants that also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. They are easy to grow and maintain. All that is needed is a bit of space that receives enough sunlight and fertile soil. The Petunia flowers are some of the most decorative plants to have.

Petunia Winter Flowers


Pansies are winter bloomers and can even survive harsh winter conditions. They have stunning butterfly-shaped flowers that also come in a plethora of colours. These low-growing plants can grow well in shady areas and indoor spaces, further adding to the design of your garden.

Pansy Winter Flowers


The Alyssum flowering plants give a unique appearance to all spaces. When fully grown, the Alyssum flowering plants create a thick vegetation cover with their distinctive small leaves. And they also come with a variety of colour options. Its beautiful white colour adds a soothing touch, and therefore the honey scent further enhances the calming fervour of your garden. The Alyssum flowering plants also thrive in arid conditions and are quite easy to maintain, which makes them one of the best winter flowers in India.

Alyssum Winter Flowers


The Aster comes in different sizes and colours. Originally, the Aster flowering plants were native to South America and are also grown in India during the winter. In addition to the cold temperatures, they also tolerate hot temperatures. Give the Asters a fighting chance and make sure that the pot and soil are well-draining.

Aster Winter Flowers


Also known as Clove Pinks and Grenadine, Carnations have colourful and fragrant flowers. They are also perennial flowers. Make sure to plant the flowers in well-drained and fertile soil. Round clusters of beautiful flowers on top perfect the look wherever you place them.

Carnation Winter Flowers


Dahlias are annual plants that will flower almost throughout the year. They are available in various flower colours, scents, and shapes. They require minimum sunlight, which allows them to thrive in winter and dark spaces. Even though the Dahlia flowering plants thrive in winter, it is important to maintain routine care and maintenance exercise.

Dahlia Winter Flowers


An Indian staple and a must-have in every Indian garden, marigolds are the foremost readily available plants around India. They bloom profusely, adding an upscale burst of yellows and oranges wherever they are planted. They are considered auspicious in Indian households and may be used for various purposes.

Marigold Winter Flowers

Winter Jasmine

It is also one of the few winter flowers that grow in winter. And the winter Jasmine flowers are low-maintenance plants; all you simply need to do is find a spot in your garden where the Jasmine gets sunlight and make sure that the soil is well-drained. And Jasmine is a perennial! Remember to fertilise it when the blooming period is over.

Winter Jasmine Winter Flowers

Passion flowers

It is quite easy to maintain plants with rewarding, beautiful flowers. You can keep the plant indoors and provide it with sufficient sunlight, helping them continue blooming.

Passion flowers Winter Flowers


The first thought that comes to mind when it comes to choosing the ideal flower gift is Roese. Roses are some of the most popular flowers of all time. And they are perennial plants, and anyone can make lasting impressions on their loved ones with a bouquet of fresh blooms. They also come in various colours, with some of the most popular picks like orange, yellow, pink, and more.

Roses Winter Flowers

Sweet Pea

Due to their refreshing fragrance and flowers available in various colours, Sweet Peas make a great addition to your garden. You can perfectly time to plant the flowering plants at the end of summer so that when winter comes - your garden will maintain its nourishing appearance.

Sweet Pea Winter Flowers