A Detailed Guide On How To Start A Bakery Business In India

As everyone loves to soothe their sweet cravings with fresh & sweet cakes, pastries, and cookies, the bakery industry has become one of the most popular food services in India. Streets and roads are loaded with multiple bakery units in each city. The products like pastries, cakes, bread, cookies and other snacks are in great demand by people. Most of the bakeries tend to prepare all these products on their own and outsource them to the vendors as well as to the wholesalers.

How To Start A Bakery Business

With A paced growth in this particular field, this business model is surely fruitful. If you are also inclined towards such a business or are planning to open a bakery shop in India you must have a detailed outlook and plan on how to start a bakery business. With this blog, you will be introduced to a few detailed steps on how to open a blissful bakery business in India.

Types of bakery businesses

There are numerous avenues for the size and sort of bakery one wishes to start, the different types of bakeries include storefront bakeries, online bakeries, bakery cafes, home bakeries etc. Home bakeries tend to hold the minimum investment, people can have a deep look at the investment analysis regarding how to start a bakery business from home. However, the most common and fruitful of them all is a storefront bakery. It tends to require a particular space to store all the groceries and goods. Anybody can easily start with this business by keeping the staff and a bit of experience in baking.

Different licenses that are essential to open a bakery in India

• FBA License

• Bakery Permit

• FSSAI License

• Trade Mark

• Health License

• GST Registration

• Current Bank Account

• Business Pan Card

• Trade License

Cost of starting a bakery in India

For the common storefront bakeries, the investment part looks like this.

• Rent: The rent of a bakery shop depends upon the size and location. Approx INR 25,000 to INR 40,000 per month.

• License and permits - All the permits and licenses cost up to 30,000 INR

• Equipment - As we all know that starting up a bakery will require a plethora of essential equipment that can cost around 5 to 10 lacs.

• Chef and staff - For a common sized bakery you’ll be at least needing a head chef, housekeeper, and manager. This can cost around 1lac to 1 lac 20,000 per month.

• Billing System: A POS is the utmost essential thing if you want to open a bakery anywhere. It can range from INR 25,000 to 50,000.

• Marketing Expenses: Any new business tends to require an active online and offline marketing. The cost of marketing ranges between 40 to 60,000 monthly, depending upon the marketing strategies.

The Business plan for starting a bakery business

The strategy synopsis is a rough model of what goes into setting up a bakery shop.

Outline of the business: Your baker business outline will comprise of what kind of business it is. It can likewise include the sort of administration, the design of your bakery shop, the menu and other aspects.

Market investigation: This is an earnest significant stage as it informs you regarding the likely clients of the space that you are wanting to set up in and who your clients will be.

The SWOT Analysis: It is the most essential analysis that should not be skipped. The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats investigation can give you a piece of valuable knowledge.

Monetary Analysis: Your bakery's monetary investigation incorporates things like working expenses, income and costs alongside benefits.

Tasks Planning: Your bakery activities arranging includes the subtleties of how it will be run day by day. This involves dealing with the staff, taking care of ingredients, taking requests, handling the orders, support and delivery.

Selecting the location wisely

Choosing an appropriate location for your bakery business is one of the most essential steps that should be taken wisely. It is the initial step that requires a lot of planning and analysis. The ideal location for a bakery shop tends to be a popular market that attracts a higher footfall.

List of essential bakery equipment

• Ovens/Microwave

• Weighing scale

• Deep Freeze

• Planetary Mixers

• Working table

• Gas Cylinders

• Milk Pots

• Mixing Bowls

• Baking Trays

• Utensils

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Capping Words

In the concluding part, we can suggest that starting a bakery in India is surely a wise idea that can provide you fruitful returns in every way. All your queries related to how to start a bakery are answered precisely here. However, afterwards it all depends upon how you are managing your bakery and how you are taking the marketing strategy steps. The booming of your bakery in India will surely depend on the quality and price you provide.

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