10 Awesome Gifts for Guys that He must Like

While men often fail to understand women, whereas women often fail to understand men. And this story of continues… But things start to get even worse when choosing gifts for him arises during any special occasions like for instance, Valentine’s itself. Right, Mi Ladies?

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  No doubt, shopping for the opposite gender can be a difficult task to master! But here are top 10 valentine gifts for men for every boyfriend, husband and partner, out there, is secretly wishing for. So, let’s start discussing what could be gifted.

1) Wallets

If you wish to get carried along with him, wherever he goes, then wallets are like the best gifts for husband on Valentine’ day. He can use your wallet in case of his old one getting rugged or dilapidated. You can look for some classic wallet pieces online or even, you go to some offline gift store to look for the same. According to his usage and your budget, you can look for the number of sections, colours, material and brand.


2) Shoes

Shoes are like one of those gifts which never fails to please your Mr Trust our word! You can look for some shoes that he was yearning to own, it could be a pair of new sneakers, suedes or even oxford shoes. As per your budget, look for something that suits his personality, could be branded or could be something less. The choice is always yours!


3) Briefcase or Bags

One of the most quintessential things that men love to own is a classy briefcase to flaunt it out to the world, whereas carrying cool duffel bags while hitting the gym is also something they are absolutely fond of. You can make your decision basing it on the type of personality, he has, i.e., whether he is a gym enthusiast or whether he is a corporate guy.

Briefcase or Bags

4) Sipper Bottle

Gifting an essential item like a sipper bottle is something very thoughtful as well as utility oriented. There are many gift stores offering the trending option of personalisation, you can look for the best one and can add Valentine’s feel to a regular sipper bottle.

Sipper Bottle

5) Watches

The sign of a gentleman gets unveiled by his classic taste of wristwatches. So, help him notch up his style game by gifting a timeless classic gift, this Valentine’s. If you in case happen to find a fitness watch of some good brand, that would even make a great gift for Valentine’s for him. It would look after his health and help him to keep track of his life.


6) Sunglasses

If you fell for his decent, honest, loving gaze, the first time, then make sure you help him to block out the sun rays to keep his eyes safe. Gift him a pair of stylish, UV rays protected sunglasses to reinvent his style which would eventually, lend a chic touch to his charismatic personality.


7) Premium Quality Alcohol

If your man likes to relish a drink or two, occasionally, then you can gift him a bottle of joy, this Valentines’. His happiness would absolutely know no bounds while receiving a gift like this. You can opt for some premium brands for the choice of his liquor. May you have more such special moments together in love, while relishing a glass or two together. Cheers!

Premium Quality Alcohol

8) Headphones

If he loves to sing or he is just a bathroom singer, he would love to listen to music(I mean who doesn’t right?) and binge-watch his favourite series over NetFlix. So, for his love of owning a good quality headphone and for your love for him, you can gift him a headphone or an earphone, this Valentine’s. He will be left in awe of you, simply.


9) Grooming Kit

Grooming gives him confidence, makes him look even more dashing! If you believe so, then what are you waiting for? You just figured the best gift for him to pamper with, this Valentine’s. Choose his favourite brand’s grooming kit, get it wrapped with love and gift it o your boo.

Grooming Kit

10) Netflix Subscription

If you don’t happen to know what exactly would he want for Valentine’s, then go ahead with gifting him a NetFlix subscription. Because no one can actually say no to Netflix and chill. Right? If he constantly talks about the series that he recently completed watching, then this is all he needs.

Netflix Subscription