9 Gifts for Men Who Already Have Everything

Presenting a gift to men is already a thoughtful process that requires thorough research and takes more time than expected, but the real challenge is finding perfect gifts for men who have everything. Have you been through such a dilemma too? A situation where whatever you thought of gifting to your husband or boyfriend, and they already have a favourite version of it with them. Has there been Valentine's Day when you were just not able to top his valentine present for you because he already had everything that popped into your mind or birthday when you are just not able to surprise him because he had everything that he might need? Well, the key to gifting such people is to think of a unique present that, however small, is unexpected from you. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to win his heart next time you wish to gift him.

Gifts Idea For Men

1. Barbecue Briefcase

If he likes to grill on his day off and is a fan of smokey flavour, then this one will please him a lot. Surely, he must already have a gorgeous grill and the tools required to whip up a batch of smoked cottage cheese or chicken, but this little gift will allow him to store those tools neatly in a box that won’t take up much room too.

Barbecue Briefcase

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

This little green makes a lot of sound for all the right reasons. According to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, it represents the five cardinal elements of the universe and is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the one who receives it. He could have all the worldly possessions of the world but will definitely be delighted with a dash of good luck on his way. This is one of the best gift ideas for men who don’t want anything.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

3. Pop The Champagne

There is something about raising a toast for love together on a beautiful occasion with delicious champagne, and it never gets old. It will always be a classy form of celebrating the moment that will be savoured for days to come. Your hunt for a perfect present ends here.

Pop the Champagne

4. Charity On The Name

The biggest gift of all is charity. Donate money, new clothes, food or anything that the charity accepts on the name of your boyfriend and let the organisation thank him for everything. This kind act will make this planet a better place to live and will leave him marvelling on your thoughtful thinking.

Charity on the Name

5. A Good Read

Nothing can beat the thoughtfulness of a new book among all the gifts for the man who has everything, and he will definitely love this more than any other materialistic present. While he will spare 15 minutes every night delving into the golden words of the book, he will be reminded of you and will admire you more for presenting him with the gift of knowledge.

Good Read

6. The Weekend Getaway

The work, family, social life have become such an integral part of the life that your man has forgotten to take some time for himself and this weekend trip from you will make him relax and let go of all his worries for a couple of days. This retreat will rejuvenate his mind and will allow him to spend some quality time with himself (or with you;)).

Weekend Getaway

7. Tie Him Up

As a girl can never have too many shoes, a man could never have too many ties. Pick a good one in his favourite colour that could lend an extra pizazz to his formal attire while maintaining the sophisticated vibe. It will become his favourite in no time.

Tie for him

8. Food Hamper

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and this food package will do an excellent job to pave that way. Pick a woven basket and fill it with all his favourite snacks that will bring a big smile on his face. This might not be much expensive but will definitely touch his heart and make him realise that you take care of his likes and dislikes as perfectly as he does.

Food Hamper

9. The Memory Frame

A beautiful frame carved with a heartfelt message and enveloping a loving picture of you two will steal his heart for sure. No matter if he has everything or even more, he could never say enough for all the love coming from you in such a sweet form. If you are looking for a heart-touching gift for husband, this is it.

Presenting your man with something substantial is not complicated as long as you think about it with love and give him something that could express your feelings towards him. It need not be expensive, it just needs to tell him that you care.