11 Offbeat Gifts for New Mom On Their First Mother's Day

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

The ways in which a mother expresses her love for her child is something uncountably priceless. The amount of pain and sacrifices she undergoes to bring her bundle of joy into this world is something which words can’t express. It makes any regular woman even more powerful when she has gone this far to prove her unconditional love for her offspring. And as mother’s day is just around the corner, this gifting blog has been dedicated for all the newbies who joined the mommies club, recently. As every first is an important one, new moms who marked a new milestone deserves special attention, this year when it comes to Mothers Day gifts. It needs to be made extra special for all the new moms, out there in the world by gifting some pleasing mothers day gifts for new moms.

11 Offbeat Gifts for New Mom On Their First Mothers Day

From changing stinky poopy diapers to getting all emotional while catching her baby babbling out her name, first-time moms need to be treated over some thoughtful, practical first-time mom gifts. While mothers day flowers and other womanly mothers day gift ideas would work even as gift ideas for new moms. But some offbeat ideas for 1st mothers day gifts would actually show her that you went an extra mile to treat her. So, enough with your brainstorming here is a list of fail-proof gifts for a new mom that will help her embrace her motherhood - an act of infinite optimism.

Thumbprint Pendant

As it has not been even a year yet, so you can quite figure out what her “jigar ka tukda” means to her. So gifting something like her baby’s thumbprint engraved pendant will be indeed a surreal gifting experience for her, this Mother's Day. Something like this personal or discreet gift will be cherished by her for the rest of her life.

Thumbprint Pendant for first Mothers day of new mom

Do Not Disturb Boards

As this is the time to make most with her Lil one, so Do Not Disturb Boards will help her keep all the nosy relatives and family members at bay. There’s nothing better than gifting her some love-filled quality alone time with her bundle of joy. So, this mothers day gift her something that will help her make some personal memories with her loving child.

Do Not Disturb Boards as Gift for First Mother's Day of New Mom

Mama Bracelet

She is a woman, so it goes even without saying that she would fall for a jewellery piece like a chic mama bracelet. This, mother’s day welcome her to moms squad by gifting a semi-precious, minimalistic bracelet.

Mama Bracelet Gift for First Mother's Day of New Mom

Mama-Baby Matching Outfits

There’s nothing cooler than mommy and her Lil bear twinning! So, gift her quirky matching outfits, something like “Mamma first love” and “baby’s first love” tees or simply like “our first mother’s day” tees, this mothers day. She will end up blushing and giggling while receiving something like this as her first mothers day gift.

Mama-Baby Matching Outfits - A One of the Best First Mothers Day Gift for New Mom

Baby CookBook

As no woman is born a mother, so she is even quite having a hard time adjusting to the needs of her baby. Extend your helping hand to her by gifting her something thoughtful as a baby cookbook which shall provide her with a better insight of what to feed her baby. As normal baby food is something her baby throws tantrums towards, having something like a baby food cookbook will let her experiment with regular packaged baby food.

Baby CookBook - Offbeat First Mothers Day Gift for New Mom

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Birthstone Necklace

She would always want her Lil bundle of joy to be always close to her heart. Precisely, this is what makes a birthstone necklace of her along with her baby’s a perfect mothers day gift. It will not just strengthen the mother-child relationship but will also help her fetch some nice compliments.

Birthstone Necklace for first Mothers day of new mom

New Mom Gift Hamper

Gifting her all that she needs to take care of herself while taking care of her baby is something that she will absolutely love as her mothers day gift. So, you can look for some cool gift hampers to pamper the new mom in the best possible way.

New Mom Gift Hamper for Mothers Day

Healthy Snack Box

She is the one who looks after the family and her child and ensures that her family gets the proper nutrition in the form of healthy food. But what about her? Who would take care of her health? So, this mothers day one can gift a healthy snack box which includes nutritious small bites to bless her with the kind of nutrition she needs and mostly ten to overlook it.

Healthy Snack Box - Gift for First Mother's Day of New Mom

Essential Oil Diffuser

Quite often, she needs to wake up in the middle of the night to lull her baby to sleep. As a consequence of which she sacrifices her sleep to take care of her baby. But no more! Gift her an essential oil diffuser which shall have a magical aromatherapeutic appeal to help her catch up on her beauty sleep.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Gift for First Mother's Day of New Mom

Family Photo Frame

Now that she has been blessed with a beautiful baby, her family is complete. And being a family person, she would genuinely appreciate if this mothers day you gift her a family photograph, which she can get framed and show her baby (when he/she grows older)

Gift Family Photo Frame for First Mother's Day of New Mom

Memory Book

The initial phase of her baby’s life is precious to her and this is the time when she makes the most of memories bonding with her baby. So, pass her a memory book in which she can capture each and every moment of a child's first year. And when the time passes by, she can have a good laugh looking at those priceless memories she has collected over time.

Memory Book for first Mothers day of new mom

So, these were the top 11 offbeat gifts for new moms on their first mother's day that are sure to brighten up her day, effortlessly. As she keeps track of all her family’s love-filled moments, make sure to reciprocate the same kind of feeling, this Mothers Day. Let’s make her feel special for the new role she has taken up to master with grace and patience.