11 Popular Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who is Always By Your Side

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."

-William Shakespeare

One couldn’t agree more with this beautiful friendship quote by the literary legend Shakespeare. Everyone has friends to spice up their life, shoulder them in sadness, laugh with them in happiness, be a partner with them in crime and love them through thick and thin.


From sharing food to clothes, from laughing at each other to defending when situations call, from gossiping ceaselessly to watching horror movies late night, you have done these things together with your beloved friends. This friendship day, certify your friends with the world’s ‘Greatest Friend Certificate’ and thank them for always being with you.

friendship day gifts

To the Chandler, Joey, Monika, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel in your life, here are some unique friendship presents ideas to tell them that they mean the Universe to you. Have a look.

1. Personalized Coffee Mug

Your friendship day gift should be innovative enough to cherish for beloved friend forever. Today, there are some trendy personalized best friend gifts available in the market among which a classic coffee mug will be a great choice for your friend. In fact, it is an adorable way to remind your friend of you every morning.

 Friendship Day Coffee Mug

2. Memory Book

Browsing through some best friend gifts ideas? How about publishing a ‘Dosti’ book? Your best friend who has always been with you through thick and thin deserves something special this Friendship day. And a memory book with pictures and messages will be really an overwhelming surprise gift for a friend.

 Friendship Day Memory Book

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3. Friendship Day Card

A card is one of the amazing handmade friendship gifts for your lifelines. Thank your squad for being your life savior in your trying times. This Friendship day, make beautiful cards and gift your friends with a heart-touching message inside.

 Friendship Day Card

4. Chocolate Hampers

Chocolates work for everyone. You all must have got a friend who is mad over chocolates. Haven’t you? This Friendship day, pamper your dear friend who has always spread laughter in your life with a mouthwatering best friend gift.

Friendship Day Chocolate Hamper

5. Literary Piece

A famous literary work will be a special friend gift especially when he/she is an avid reader. This Friendship Day, surprise your lovely friend with a novel that your friend is eagerly waiting for to explore.

Literacy Book

6. Yellow Flowers

Bouquets of aromatic yellow flowers like Roses, Gerberas, Lilies, and Orchids are another perfect gifts for best friends. Like flowers make a garden lively, friends make lives more vibrant and colorful. For your one in a million friend, these friendship flowers will be really surprising as well as an innovative gift for your dearest friend.

Friendship Day Yellow Roses

7. A delicious Cake

Here’s a special gift for a best friend, especially for the ones who are your cakeoholic buddies. There’s always a friend who is least interested in knowing whose birthday it is and more interested in attacking the cake as soon as possible. Right? This friendship day, tell your friend that you understand his cravings and surprise him with a mouth-watering friendship day cake.

Friendship Day Butterscotch Cake

8. Aromatic Perfumes

Perfume is one of the good presents for your best friend and is mostly gifted to someone who holds a special place in life. A good quality perfume with a pleasant smell is always a great birthday gift for a good friend and can be given on other occasions like friendship day as well.

Aromatic Perfumes

9. Personalized Photo Calendar

Among all the best friend gifts ideas, a photo calendar is in vogue nowadays. Right from childhood to adulthood, you can sum up your bonding with your best friend in a personalized photo calendar. This is really an expressive gift to surprise your friends this Friendship day.

Friendship Day Photo Calendar

10. Soft Toys

No matter what age group your friend belongs to, she would be still in the habit of sleeping with cuddly soft toys. This Friendship day, you can make a cute gesture towards your lovely friends by gifting them this velvety-soft present for a best friend.

Friendship Day Cuddly Teddy Bears

11. Accessories

An elegant piece of an accessory can be a special gift for a best friend. For all your fashionable girlfriends, there are many trendy accessories like pendant, rings, necklaces, and bangles. This Friendship Day, show adoration to your forever friends with some unique jewelry.

Fashion Accessories

Friendship Day comes once in a year but it definitely holds some amazing memories. This Friendship Day, make sure you mark it special with adorable Friendship Day gifts and build the happiest moments with your dear friends.