5 Ways To Make Long Distance Raksha Bandhan Celebration Unforgettable

While you live in the same house, tolerating your brother’s nuisances or your sister’s drama seems so IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot stop complaining about the endless torture that you are put through by your sibling and that’s how it goes.

For days, months and years...

But then comes a time, that inevitable moment when you both have to move ahead in life which calls for the dreadful ‘Long Distance Relationship’ with your sibling. Suddenly, just like the beautiful dew drops on a flower, your life seems to be dotted with some sweet memories with your sibling. That’s when you wish to stop the moment realizing that your ideal life that is sadly drifting away.

But with hope in your heart that love would survive the distance, you bid adieu!

Sounds familiar?

Now, that you realize how much you adore your sibling but distance has taken the toll on the relationship, here’s your chance!

Beautiful Rakhi for Brother

This Rakshabandhan, kill the distance with these amazing long distance Rakhi celebration ideas and let your brother or sister know that distance has nothing to do with closeness.

1. E-Rakhi

Ideally, the festival should be celebrated together but since you both cannot, E- Rakhis are a great way to stay in touch and make your presence felt despite being miles away.

e-Rakhi for Brother

2. Video Chat

One of the perfect ways to bridge the gap on Rakshabandhan is through video chats. Celebrate Rakhi on a video chat while exchanging Rakshabandhan wishes and sweets live over the same. This is sure to create a joyous moment and curb the gap.

Video Chat with Sister

3. A Social Post

So, how often do you write something heartfelt for your sibling? Not that frequently, right? On Rakshabandhan, make a cute and adorable post on social media with a photo collage or Raksha Bandhan quotes for your sibling which is sure to touch the heart.

Special Quotes for Siblings

4. Surprise Visit

Taking time out to visit your sibling is hard, we understand. However, make sure this Rakshabandhan, you give this surprise to your sibling. While your brother or sister has no idea about your plans, make a visit and give a pleasant surprise.

Surprise Visit on Rakhi

5. Surprise Gifts

If your sibling keeps on complaining that you haven’t really gifted something since long, A surprise Rakshabandhan Gift is a nice idea to have your love delivered despite you are far off.

Surprise Rakhi Gift for Sister

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So this Rakshabandhan, make sure your prove Distance Is The New Closeness with these heart warming long distance Rakhi celebration ideas and rejoice the occasion to the fullest.