40 Chocolate Quotes Ideas for Instagram

Chocolates are irresistible delicacies to soothe sweet tooth cravings. They make good gifts to dazzle loved ones as a gesture to express love and happiness on special occasions. Chocolate love is a universal language we all speak fluently. To help make the best impressions, we have made a collection of chocolate quotes for Instagram. Take a look.

40 Chocolate Quotes Ideas for Instagram

Chocolate Quotes

1. If eating too much chocolate is a sin, take me to the chocolate prison

2.Om chocolate!

3. Chocolate my best buddy is always with me in the good and bad times!

4. Chocolate is my Life!

5. Pure Love and Satisfaction.

6. My love for you will always be the same.

7. A taste of heaven!

8. If I lived in Captain Jack Sparrow’s time, I would have been the famous Captain of the Chocolate pirates.

9. Any time is the right chocolate time!

10. Feed the sweet beast cravings

11. Irresistible temptations

12. There is always time for a chocolate treat.

13. Chocolate Love, True Love

14. Eat me!

15. Certified chocolatarian.

16. Enough talk, let’s eat chocolate

17.Chocolate, the secret to happiness!

18. As long as there will be chocolate, I will never lose hope.

19. Chocolates, a true gift from the sweet tooth fairy.

20.Chocolate is the solution.

21.I can talk about chocolate from dusk till dawn, except when I’m eating chocolate.

22. The good times elixir.

23. Behold the King of Chocolate lovers..

24. Oh sweet chocolate, soothe my soul.

25. The Professor of chocolate-heist.

26. Choco love never breaks hearts.

27. Love is an old word, use “Chocolate”

28. I promise If I go to heaven and find that there is no chocolate, all hell will break loose!

29. In chocolate we trust!

30. Chocolate, the currency of love!

31. If you see me smiling, there is always chocolate.

32. If anyone breaks my heart, it will take a million chocolates to put the pieces back together.

33. With chocolate by my side, we slay dragons.

34.My best magic trick is making chocolate disappear.

35.I chocolate bite, comes great happiness.

36. Never disturb me when I’m eating chocolate.

37. My decision stands, it’s either chocolates or chocolates.

38. If it’s not about chocolates, do not disturb me, please!

39. It’s me, myself, I, and chocolate.

40. Chocolate is my heart, body, and soul.

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